Mooncakes Galore at Zuan Yuan One World Hotel PJ

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Mooncakes @ Zuan Yuan One World Hotel PJ

Mooncakes have always been the staple dish for the Mid-Autumn Festival. This year, Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant of One World Hotel Petaling Jaya marries Mid-Autumn panache, flavors, craftsmanship and tradition with a medley of 12 exquisitely handcrafted mooncakes. They are offering 12 types of mooncakes – 6 baked, 5 snow skin and 1 special Teo Chew savory option.

Zuan Yuan Chinese New Year Menu 2020 @ One World Hotel

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Zuan Yuan Chinese New Year Set 2020 - Yee Sang with Alaskan Scallop, Crispy Fish Skin, Black Truffle Paste and Crystal Pear

Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant at One World Hotel is definitely one of the best restaurants in Peta|ing Jaya to celebrate Chinese New Year in style. I personally think it is a convenient option for PJ dwellers who’d rather not make the schlep to KL for reunion dinners. For a happy and yummy reunion feast, the restaurant offers 3 set menus with a number of dishes that feature prized catches.