Does Your Life Change When You Give Zero Fucks?

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When You Give Zero Fucks

We go through many different phases in life. We start off at childhood, then we go through our teenage years, and then we enter adulthood. When you actually become an adult, you start feeling nostalgic about the time that passed. Everything seemed simpler when we were kids and teens.

When you were three years old, you didn’t care if you spilled an entire glass of orange juice all over your new sweatpants. When you were learning to walk, you didn’t care about how many times you fell down on your knees. Click on this link to read more.

Instead, you got up and tried again and again until you got it perfectly. The same kind of attitude follows us through school, all the way until we reach high school. That’s the time when everything changes. That’s the time we start finding out who we really are, and our bodies start flowing with hormones.

It’s also the time when we care about what other people think about us. This is one of the traits that stay with us for a long time. Even in our teens, there are some people that are a bit different than others. Some of our classmates didn’t give a fuck about their behavior and didn’t have a problem standing up to authority figures like teachers and principals.

There’s always a feeling inside of you that wants you to have the same freedom as them, but you don’t do it. Of course, there’s nothing good in lashing out at a teacher, but teens view them as an authority, and that’s why they do such things. Follow this link for more info

When we enter the professional world, most of us start off by working in retail. You get to deal with people, and you start to notice why most adults seem angry and bitter all the time. There are some people whose sole purpose is to press your buttons and make you hate your job.

In those kinds of jobs, one of the main rules is that the customer is always right, and you have to deal with people disrespecting you, yelling, and throwing insults in your face.

Eventually, that creates a shell that’s hard to come out of. In adulthood, that can lead you to work at another job you hate without having the confidence to quit or asking for a raise. But your life can change for the better if you simply started to give zero fucks about what others think about you.

How does your life change when you give zero fucks?

The Zero Fucks Given method forces you to think outside of the box
The Zero Fucks Given method forces you to think outside of the box

When you stop caring about what other people think about you, then you actually start living. The Zero Fucks Given method forces you to think outside of the box. It’s like saying to yourself that you only live once, and you have the opportunity to do great things.

Why shouldn’t you at least try doing something out of the ordinary? What’s the worst thing that could happen? The worst thing that could happen is that you’re going to fail. So what if you fail? Everyone fails at everything when they first start, and it’s not a crime to fail at something you’re completely new to.

Instead of going to a job you hate, you can start applying to things that have been your lifelong dreams. So many people spend their childhood fantasizing about being firefighters, police officers, or teachers. No one is there to stop you from doing something that you really love. Some people consider the methodology of not giving a fuck as an art form.

That’s because it can be considered as one. It sounds simple to react to everything in a nonchalant way. For example, your boss might deny your raise. If you cared about what people think, you might not even tell them that you asked for a raise in the first place.

On the other hand, if you didn’t give a fuck, you’ll just say that it wasn’t his day, and you’ll try again in a month. It’s much easier to idealize people who behave in this kind of way, but it’s much harder to emulate their behavior. Start with small things such as creating new habits and trying out new things. The right road to happiness starts with a single step outside of your comfort zone.


  1. CleverMunkey says:

    I wish I can live my life without giving a single fuck… sadly I can’t unless I’m in an angmoh country.

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