CTOS SecureID now includes Dark Web monitoring service

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tallpiscesgirl X CTOS SecureID

Data breaches are happening too often nowadays, not just in Malaysia, but worldwide! With the growth of online transactions and digital footprints on social media using multiple platforms, there are more ways than ever for our identities and data to be stolen.


CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd (CTOS), Malaysia’s largest credit reporting agency, launches the newly enhanced CTOS SecureID, a fraud protection and credit monitoring service to combat the growing problem of identity theft, fraud and scams, as well to help monitor consumer’s credit health.

Why you Should Consider Soundproofing for your Home

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Why you Should Consider Soundproofing for your Home - Cover

Planning a major renovation for your home, or are you in the process of building a new house? You may want to consider including soundproof materials to help cope with the noise levels, especially if you have a studio or work out gym indoors. But you also want to think of it if you are like me, who advocates maximum security around the house.