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金爷爷 Jin Ye Ye Chinese New Year Hamper Delivers Good Luck and Wealth

2 January 2020
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The sincere exchange of blessings is the warmest start of the year! As a professional gift hamper brand in Malaysia, Jin Ye Ye 金爷爷 has been accompanying us to carry on the tradition of gifting and ushering in a sweet and wonderful Chinese New Year. Jin Ye Ye Chinese New Year Hamper is the most suitable gift basket for New Year as it is packed full of blessings and well wishes to family and friends.

The Idiot’s Guide to Hosting Server Speed

29 September 2019

Admit it. Gone are the days of dial-up internet and hence, our patience to wait has become shorter over time! This includes waiting for a website to load. How long are you willing to wait for a website to load? I’m sure most of us hopes that it finished loading immediately after we clicked in. That’s just an ideal situation. There are some websites that took longer than usual to load and we felt like we’ve wasted so much time waiting.