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As a woman, you need to take care of your physical appearance no matter how busy you are. Besides telling this to my readers, I also try to remind myself regarding this fact because busy seems to be the number 1 excuse why we neglect our skin.
CRES Wellness, The Gardens Mall
CRES Wellness, The Gardens Mall
So I decided to hop over to CRES Wellness, The Gardens Mall to give myself and my skin a break. I chose this branch because it is more spacious and I can shop around before my appointment (hehe girls being girls). The clean and cozy environment makes me feel welcomed.
CRES Wellness, The Gardens Mall ambiance
CRES Wellness, The Gardens Mall ambiance
This time, I tried their Plotox Micro Facelift Facial Treatment that uses nanotechnology and biological liposome encapsulating technology to combine the anti-aging factor “Green Peptides” and whitening factor “AHAS”. The ingredients are able to penetrate quickly into deep skin cells to provide nutrition to the cell when combined with their unique massage technique.
Let's lie down and start already!
Let’s lie down and start already!
My beautician was very attentive to my needs and kept checking on me whether I felt cold or not, whether I can feel the cool face steamer or not and alerted me before she put anything that is hotter or colder than the room temperature.
This is how my skin looks like after the double cleansing step
This is how my skin looks like after the double cleansing step
The purpose of this facial is to increase the production of collagen and elastic fibers to achieve full, dewy, white and young skin. After the double cleansing, my beautician used Bio-mask, their signature mask that doubles up as a scrub with fresh pineapple scent. Then, she applied softening lotion to soften up the blackheads and turned on the cold steamer for 5 minutes to prepare my skin for extraction. The extraction process was a little painful but worth it. No pain, no gain! Since the skin is clean now, it’s time to apply all the awesome products for best effect. My beautician applied these products according to sequence onto my face.
  1. Micro PT Lifting Concentrate – Contains natural minerals that can release far infrared, to replenish cell energy and improve skin micro-circulation – Effectively reduce free radical, waste and toxin of the skin – Able to release negative ions to increase the amount of oxygen in cells for better cell renewal – Rapid cell self-healing and repair to restore elasticity and youth Active Ingredients: Peptide Acid – Whitening, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle synchronously, quickly penetrate into deep skin. Repair cells, accelerate the rate of cell division and metabolism. Activate collagen fibers and reduce pigmentation. Aquaporin Collagen (APC) – Cell membrane protein (intrinsic membrane proteins) in the cell membrane. Control movements of water, waste and nutrients in the cell. Making skin looks firm, well shaped and lifted. Trace elements – Contain natural minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium, improve skin regulating function, anti-aging, restore skin elasticity and fullness.
  2. Micro PT Cell-repair Complex I – Contain a variety of natural plant active cell extracts – Enhance facial contours, make skin firm, smooth and elastic – Activate cell, stop and prevent further wrinkles forming – Effectively repair damaged cells, stimulate collagen regeneration Active Ingredients: Areginine Extract – Blocked conduction between muscle and nerve, relax facial muscles and effectively reduce facial wrinkles. Instantly increase of skin firmness and skin moisture. Hyaluronic Acid – 500 times stronger absorption rate, maintain skin elasticity and moisture with high water retention ability, making skin elastic and young. Vitamin E – Strengthen the cell membrane stability, promote circulation of the capillaries and small blood vessels, antioxidant protection of cells from free radical and effectively reduce the formation of wrinkles.
  3. Micro PT Cell-repair Complex II – Latest German dermal infiltration technology – Prevent and achieve zero fine lines or wrinkle for prolonged usage – Soothe dry skin, making skin and smooth tallpiscesgirl says: When my beautician massaged these products onto my skin using her hands, the warmth sensation was so comfortable that I dozed off without realizing! The feeling of waking up refreshed was soooo good. Active Ingredients: Peptide Acid – Whitening?moisturizing and anti-wrinkle synchronously. Fast penetration into deep skin. Repair cells, accelerate the rate of cell division and metabolism. Activate collagen fibers and lighten pigmentation. Amino Acid – Amino acid is the basic unit of protein, with moisturizing function, the water molecules are firmly locked for enhanced skin elasticity. Firming Factor – Rapid repair of the ruptured collagen, tighten eye pouch and reduce eye fine lines. Tighten pores for that porcelain-like fine skin.
  4. Cold Masque – Rapidly tighten and firm up the face resulting in a sharp and lifted look – Remove sign of tiredness and puffiness. – Brighten the complexion with absolute glow and radiance tallpiscesgirl says: The cooling sensation was really syok! It lasted for the whole duration when I have the mask on.
  5. Reversal Venom Essence With the addition of Syn-Ake and ceramide complex, the reversal venom essence has been proven to relax facial muscles and reverse the sings of aging, smoothing wrinkles and creases to restore skin to its youthful appearance. Active Ingredients: Syn-Ake – A synthetic tri-peptide derivative that mimics the activity of Waglerin 1(a polypeptide found in the venom of the Temple Viper), developed by PENTAPHARM. This snake venom-like active compound can inhibit muscle contractions and has excellent smoothing and fast anti-wrinkle properties. SK-influx – A skin identical lipid concentrate for an improved skin gap filler function ideal for dry, sensitive and aging skin Swiftlet Nest Extract – Swiftlet Nest Extract is rich in nutrients which helps cell regeneration and increase collagen synthesis, leaving skin smooth and supple.
Before - After CRES Wellness Plotox Facial
Before – After CRES Wellness Plotox Facial
After doing Plotox on my right face, my beautician showed me the result and asked me to compare with my left face. The result was amazing! My under eye is less dark compared to the left side and the most noticeable effect is a fairer, firmer and V-shaped right face! Left face was chubbier!
Pore size before Plotox treatment
Pore size before Plotox treatment
Pore size after Plotox treatment
Pore size after Plotox treatment
Sorry for showing my ugly pores T_T I had to show it to prove the effect. That’s what a credible blogger should do right? As you can see from my photos, the pore size on my right face is not as deep as the pores on my left face after receiving Plotox treatment.
Feeling refreshed after CRES Wellness Plotox facial!
Feeling refreshed after CRES Wellness Plotox facial!
The whole process of Plotox facial treatment took around 2 hours. Plotox Micro Facelift’s normal price per session is RM 525 but if you sign up for their package, you can save a lot from there!
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