Review of FOREO UFO and FOREO Advanced Mask Collection

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tallpiscesgirl X FOREO UFO

| Review of FOREO UFO and FOREO Advanced Mask Collection

I’m always an avid fan of skincare because I believe that if we have good skin, we won’t have to spend so much time and effort on putting makeup. As a beauty junkie, I have heard so much about FOREO, the Swedish high-end beauty tech company which is famed for their innovative LUNA facial cleansing device and UFO, FOREO’s smart mask treatment/device with UFO-activated face masks.

After hearing so much about this award-winning brand, I jumped at the opportunity to review the UFO by FOREO!

Essential Beard Care Tips

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Beard Care

You must have heard the term ‘beard gang’; it’s a trend of growing full facial hair and many people are crazy about it. Though a subjective opinion, many people are on this train especially given the way people try to grow and maintain facial hair.

Well, if you are one of the ‘gang’, you should understand that every part of the beard-growing process is a deliberate one. This implies that there are certain things you should do, as well as not do to achieve your aim.

Guardian Global Beauty Sale Promotion

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Guardian Global Beauty Sales

0Guardian Malaysia has taken the extra mile to curate and bring in the latest beauty trends from around the world, so that customers’ needs in the new normal are served.

We used to be able to travel the world and shop for the latest health and beauty products that are not yet available in Malaysia but the COVID-19 pandemic has effectively put a stop to this lifestyle for now.