Review: bloop Germ Blaster (Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel)

14 July 2014
Hello lovelies! It’s such a beautiful day today cos tomorrow is public holiday! WEE~~!!

BUT! Don’t keep your guard down cos I heard H1N1 is still lurking around so make sure you keep yourself clean and healthy.

bloop Germ Blaster
bloop Germ Blaster

Glad to receive a bottle of bloop Germ Blaster from HiShop for review purpose so I can also fend myself from the harmful germs.

So what’s Bloop Germ Blaster all about? If you haven’t know, Bloop Germ Blaster is an anti-bacterial hand gel with active cleansing beads and germ killers (Triclosan 0.3%) that cleanses your hand gently while leaving it lightly scented. Unlike the usual scent you get from normal hand gels which usually smells like hospital, this was really good! Smells like strawberry~~

There are a total of 5 designs of Germ Blaster: Professor, Fuzzy, Dancing, Traveller & Loving. The one I’m using is Loving (and it’s pink)!

bloop Germ Blaster & Germ Blaster Holder (Yellow Sheep)
bloop Germ Blaster & Germ Blaster Holder (Yellow Sheep)

If you buy a pack of 5 Germ Blasters from HiShop, you’ll get to choose 1 Germ Blaster Holder so you can hang it on your bag’s zip lock, keychain or even in your car.

Germ Blaster Holder designs
Germ Blaster Holder designs

Rating: ★★★★☆

Price: RM 24.50 for a set of 5 different designs (29ml x 5)

Where to buybloop Germ Blaster (Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel) on HiShop

You can also get an exclusive 15% rebate from your purchase when you enter this code: CHARMAINE

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  1. Foong Pc

    July 15

    Oh the germ blaster holders are cute! But your germ blaster look so red – like the red flower oil haha!

  2. Merryn Tan

    July 16

    So cute those holders!

  3. Camy

    July 16

    the bottle itself so cute!

  4. Ya the holder too! XD

  5. I know right! Too bad I dun have it 🙁

  6. hahaha where got that red? It's pink la :p

  7. Very cute design of the bottles and the holders!

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