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Rats Celebrate New Year with AvatarOn by Schneider Electric!

13 January 2020
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Chinese New Year is less than 2 weeks away! Are you all ready? For me, I’m pretty excited to welcome the year of the Rat because this is the time I get to gather with my friends and family. I’m done cleaning the house and next, I’m going to decorate my house with more festive items to give it some Chinese New Year vibes since I’m expecting more relatives to visit me this year!

Instead of the usual traditional decorations, what if I tell you that your home switches can also be part of your Chinese New Year decorations? That would totally stand out and be a great conversation starter! The good news is, it’s totally possible now with AvatarOn by Schneider Electric.

Hire Trustable Interior Designers in Malaysia via

26 December 2017
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The joy and excitement of owning your own crib is indescribable. However, the real headache comes when you think about renovation and interior design.

Recently, my bestie also asked for my help to introduce trustable interior designers. Unfortunately, I did not renovate my home much because I too was worried about trusting the wrong contractor and interior designer. There are too many cases where they ran away with the deposit money in the middle of work. This shows that most people relied on word-of-mouth when finding renovation contractors and interior designer. Sure, Google search helps but then it might only lead to well-advertised companies which also might transfer their advertising cost to the clients.