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A Better Florist Flower Delivery

1 December 2017
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I found the best florist in Singapore by mere chance, as I stumbled upon their website while I was looking for floral arrangement for my living room. I really enjoy that I got to shop for beautiful flowers online, and I wasn’t in the slightest disappointed with their offering. The flowers look the same in person, if not ever better. They are just as fresh as they look on the website.

Habitat-my for Your Home Improvement Needs

26 April 2017
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For someone that doesn’t know much about furnishing a home, the task can be daunting. This is especially true when you realize that the place that you bought needs more work than you initially thought it did. As for my case, I’m very afraid of constructors who go MIA after receiving deposit. This is exactly the problem that Adrian Chima had when he bought his first home.

#habitatmy Unboxing Party

#habitatmy Unboxing Party

On top of the overwhelming decisions about the kind of furniture to buy and what color to paint the walls with, there was the even more pressing problem with the functional aspects of the home. Both the electrical wiring and plumbing needed to be redone in order for the place to be safe to live in. It was a nightmare.

tallpiscesgirl X Nippon Paint - The Coatings Expert

tallpiscesgirl X Nippon Paint – The Coatings Expert