b-MOLA NCC01804 Air Purifier Review

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Recently, I have planned to get myself a b-MOLA NCC01804 Air Purifier after hearing so much about the NCCO technology that was being used.

b-MOLA NCC01804 Air Purifier

My chance came when they had a special discount during last month’s 10.10 sales! The main reason why I wanted to get the b-MOLA air purifier is because I find that the air quality in my car isn’t ideal; it feels stuffy, dusty and sometimes have smelly odour. Since my nose and skin has been quite sensitive lately, I decided to get a portable air purifier so it’s easy to carry around when needed.

What is NCCO Technology

NCCO technology is a new way to purify the air. This patented system uses a process called photocatalytic oxidation. This process breaks down harmful substances like viruses, bacteria and dusts in the air and converts them into harmless substances. This technology is even being used in large corporations like Hong Kong International Airport, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Singapore Zoo, and many more.

b-MOLA Portable Air Purifier Review

My perfect driving companion - b-MOLA NCC01804 Air Purifier
My perfect driving companion – b-MOLA NCC01804 Air Purifier

Due to its compact and portable design, I can put it anywhere while I’m driving. Sometimes I’ll put it in the passenger seat when I’m alone and when I have a passenger, I’ll just hang it behind the passenger seat. When I’m not feeling well, I will bring it back home and turn it on when I sleep. Each charge lasts for 8 hours, so I don’t even need to turn it off when I get off from the car. I can immediately enjoy clean air once I’m back in the car. Since there are so many diseases and allergies that can be caused by airborne bacteria and viruses, it really puts my mind at ease to have safer air quality especially when I’m fetching my family and friends around.

b-MOLA Air Purifier
b-MOLA Air Purifier

I think b-MOLA NCC01804 Air Purifier can also be pretty useful for anyone who often fetches random people, like e-hailing drivers. As they could be ferrying anyone from all walks of life, it definitely helps to have fresher and safer air to breathe in. Plus, there could be odour from smokers or someone who has consumed pungent fruits like durian which could put off other passengers. b-MOLA air purifier is your little helper to remove odour from the car.

b-MOLA NCC01804 Air Purifier has a sleek design with leather handle
b-MOLA NCC01804 Air Purifier has a sleek design with leather handle

What Can b-MOLA NCC01804 Air Purifier Do

  • Removes bacteria
  • Removes virus
  • Removes VOC
  • Removes formaldehyde
  • Removes smoke odour
  • Filters pollen
  • Filters dust and PM2.5
  • Filters pet hair and dander

After using it for a month, I’m really satisfied with my purchase. Apart from better air quality in the car, I noticed there’s no more bad odour and dust in the car has decreased significantly. Hence, I also decreased the frequency of sending my car for cleaning. Thanks to the compact design, it’s easy for me to bring it around. When it’s durian season, I will bring it home to reduce the odour. Sometimes, my friend will ask me to bring it along when we gather at her house as her house has poor ventilation. I also plan to bring it along when I travel so I can put it in my hotel room to kill bacteria and viruses.

Can be hung in the car or just put it on the seat
Can be hung in the car or just put it on the seat

b-MOLA is my preferred brand as it uses the NCCO technology which is more environmentally friendly. It is also a good investment as the NCCO reactor can last up to 12 years! With only one touch of a button to turn on, adjust speed and turn off, it is very easy to use even for elderly.

Since 11.11 is coming soon, grab your chance to own one at a special promotional price: b-MOLA NCC01804 Air Purifier on Lazada! There’s discount up to 41% and Free Gifts worth up to RM 1,400 to be given away!


  1. www.clevermunkey.com says:

    Nice wor the design… i think most of the cars need this now since our car filter also can’t filter all the bad smell especially the exhaust smoke from bike and trucks

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Definitely worth the investment!

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