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joblogy home center1 | Joblogy: Find Part Time Jobs Online and More!
Remember the home tuition website that I wrote about not long ago? The founder has recently launched a new website call Joblogy to help people to find part time jobs and freelance jobs (YES!! I can get more jobs now!). Lately, many friends of mine resigned from their full time jobs due to various reason. Some said they can’t learn new things in their current company, some always get scolded and blamed for mistakes that they didn’t do and some of them just felt that the benefits and salary is not good enough to stay. No matter the reason, you still need to sustain your current life while looking for a new job right? That’s where comes to rescue! Oh BTW, you can also find full time jobs there =)
Joblogy: Greeted by a cute pinky mascot
Greeted by a cute pinky mascot
Joblogy Landing Page
Joblogy Landing Page
At Joblogy’s landing page, you can do a quick search for any job that you want by typing or activate their cool voice to text function. The color scheme looks good. Although it’s colorful, but they complement each other well and brings life to the website. It’s pretty easy to navigate around too. The social media buttons looked a bit crowded though.
Joblogy: Job details
Joblogy: Job details
After you’ve found your desired job, just proceed to apply it online! It’s amazing how convenient it is to do things nowadays, all you need is just a laptop. Internet FTW!
Joblogy: Fill in your skills
Joblogy: Fill in your skills
For job seekers, don’t forget to update your skills and details to make your resume look better. You could have gotten the career of a lifetime!
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  1. HenRy LeE says:

    Hari raya coming, lesser events liaw so must find part time job to pay bills! 🙁

  2. The Yum List says:

    Nice site!

  3. ChrisAu says:

    OK, will try it out to see if there's any good part-time jobs. 🙂

  4. hometuition says:


  5. SeeReeNa R says:

    Thanks for introducing the site , i'll definitely check it out. By the way, I just nominate you on my blog for the Liebster Award.

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