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What are the memories that you cherish during school days? For me, it’s definitely tuition time! Guess what’s the reason?

It’s because I can only see guys during tuition hahahaha!!! Oh yeah, I studied in a girls’ school if you haven’t know :p

Besides, I also like the funny jokes that my tutors tell us. Why can’t teachers in schools have a good sense of humor? I telling them some funny jokes will definitely wake them up from sleepiness and get their attention.

I only started to go tuition during Form 3 though, just 2-3 months before PMR so that I know what kind of questions tuition centres spotted. Luckily enough, I managed to score 7As for my PMR! I continued to take tuition classes until Form 5 because studying in Science stream is tough, especially Additional Mathematics subject! The first time I failed my test was during the first time I sat for Additional Mathematics! In fact, 2/3 of my class failed that test. After that test, things started to improve. Well, I guess tuition really helps 😉

Recently, I came across an interesting site called HomeTuitionJob.com that lets parents and students to find tutors based on matching criteria. Tutors can also easily submit their details there so that they can find jobs easier within his/her vicinity. No matter you’re looking for primary school, secondary school, IGCSE, O-Level or A-Level tutor, HomeTuitionJob can help you because they have a large database collection of tutors!

Find tutor via HomeTuitionJob.com
Find tutor via HomeTuitionJob.com

Find tutoring jobs via HomeTuitionJob.com
Find tutoring jobs via HomeTuitionJob.com

Anti-racism message when setting up tutor's profile
Anti-racism message when setting up tutor’s profile

What I really love about this site is that they spread anti-racism message by promoting Russell Peter’s stand up comedy touching about racism. He’s hilarious! Don’t forget to play it 🙂

Anyway, I think that they should also include this video in ‘Find Tutor’ section too because it’s important that parents and students focus on choosing a quality tutor instead of their race. I still remember the funny Indian tutor who teaches me English! Who cares about race? We’re all the same! 🙂

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  1. suituapui says:

    I hear they pay really well over there? Maybe I should move over as well… Sure can do with a bit of extra pocket money.

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      It's true! Do you still teach? 😀

  2. Simple Person says:

    LOL .. see guys during tuition huh ?

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Hahaha oh yeah… I even met my first love there :p

    2. Simple Person says:

      I remember I went to an art tuition and there are only 2 guys there (include me) ..
      all of them are girls…
      it was so scary…

  3. HenRy LeE says:

    i earn more than 1k after my college just by teaching tuition… time was damn flexible but sometimes it's not easy to get students and they will finish SPM or PMR so eventually I had to find new students again but talking about tuition experience, of course to get the opposite sex tel number! hahahaha

  4. Xue Ren says:

    i miss my tuition moments as well. too bad now i'm in college alrdy =X

  5. Mr Lonely says:

    good info about tuition although i no longer need it~ haha

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