First Starbucks Breakfast & BCard Experience!

24 March 2012
As you guys know, I’ve been a freelancer for 5 months now. Life is never easy as my income is unstable. Sometimes I need to use my savings to cover expenses although I spend really little. Because of this, I seldom treat Clumsy Boy meals anymore 🙁
While thinking of this, an idea sparked! I still have my BCard! *jumps happily* It’s time to claim the reward from spending previously. So I decided to bring him for a tasty breakfast at Starbucks! I found that there’s an ongoing promotion there: Just buy any beverage and get a Toastie at only RM 5 🙂
The process of redemption is very smooth and easy. I just need to hand them the card to pay for my stuff. The staff swiped my card and asked me to key in my pin number. After that, I was asked to sign on the receipt and voila, wait for my food to be ready!
Jeng jeng!! Showing off my BCard :p

I don’t need to pay for this meal! YAY!

Grande Cappuccino & Cocoa Cappuccino

Tuna Toastie

Chicken Toastie
I love my Chicken Toastie! With Oregano on top, it tastes like pizza.

Glad to see Clumsy Boy’s happy face!
<3 YOU!

Err WHAT??? You don’t have a BCard? *facepalm.jpg*

Bcard is a premier lifestyle and brand-focused reward program which allows members to collect and redeem points at participating outlets. And don’t worry, there are a lot of merchants that accept BCard. Don’t believe me? Just look at the list below!

Redeem and collect points from these merchants

Every ringgit that you spend will earn you 1 BPoint that is equivalent 1 cent. If you don’t have enough points to cover your whole bill, don’t worry because you can combine with cash-in-hand as long as you redeem minimum 100 BPoints. Besides that, you can also choose to redeem gifts from

Among the benefits of BCard:

  1. Lifetime membership
  2. No annual fee (basically it means FREE!)
  3. Collect and redeem points for services, goods
  4. …and many more!

Oh you’re still here reading this long post! If you’re interested to apply for BCard, you can do so at

You can now collect 3x BPoints from 15 March until 31 May 2012 so please don’t miss it!

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  1. Why go freelance. :p Should have find a permanent job then do freelance during your free time mah. :p

    • Haha I don't have life already if I do permanent job. My permanent job normally work until 7pm where got time for freelance?

  2. Then again it is always good that you have a privilege card like this huh! 😀

  3. It's Me

    March 25

    eh…go find a higher paying job lar then no need to do freelance lor..

  4. [SK]

    March 25

    oh, that toastie looks so yummy!! so now you know where to claim for your perks huh?? 🙂

  5. Tony Teh

    March 25

    oh so you chose starbucks. i spent all my 10000pts on one book lol

  6. Huai Bin

    March 25

    I saw someone use this today at the Starbucks at TCM! 🙂

    • Hey you're a Starbucks loyal fan right? You should get one too! 😀

  7. We've similar cards like this too. Kinda like cards with free membership, else gotta pay & pay. Lol!

  8. thanx for the reminder. i don't remember my pin! aiks!

  9. wah the toasties really look very nice eh 😀 hahaha glad you can have a good use for the BCard! bb and I always use the BCard also..have redeemed quite a few times already 😀

  10. Merryn

    March 27

    i dun have Bcard lor… sad..

  11. Ooooo…so nice! But no Starbucks here…no Setapak either! LOL!!!

    • Har!!! So pity… nvm next time you come here I treat you Starbucks 😀

  12. Xue Ren

    March 27

    the toasties look good there 🙂

  13. Looks like Piscean gals like to spend their boyfriend. I also love to spend my boyfriend sometimes. Hehehe.. Too bad this BCard is not applicable in Sabah. If not, can treat my boyfriend a nice meal like yours.

  14. I lost my Bcard. =((( but the vouchers they gave me i used it till finished ad! lol

  15. Xing

    March 28

    Waaaooo. i didn't know they have toastie in Starbucks. Thanks for recommending!!
    Btw, all police in HK are fit. Including those old ones. Don't mention the young ones. U know with the young face and fit body *drools* wahaha. Not like malaysian police. I bet they can't even see their toes.

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