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3 Awesome Brands at Markets 17 Bazaar, Jaya One


Just 2 weeks before Christmas, we were at Markets 17 Bazaar to explore what creative stuffs that our local entrepreneurs has to offer. This two-day event also commemorates Markets’ 5th anniversary in the bazaar scene.

#Markets17 @ The Square, Jaya One

#Markets17 @ The Square, Jaya One

Since The School was occupied for Thomas & Friends event, Markets 17 was held outdoors, covered with canopies at The Square @ Jaya One.

Markets by Jaya One Celebrates 5th Anniversary (Markets 17)

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This weekend, join Markets by Jaya One a.k.a. Markets 17 as they commemorates their 5th anniversary in the bazaar scene by throwing a two-day celebration for all bazaar aficionados this 12 and 13 December 2015. The much-anticipated quarterly bazaar will be held at The Square, Jaya One from 11am until 7pm.

Markets by Jaya One (Markets 17) Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Expect no shortage of exciting vendors ranging from the latest fashion clothing, handcrafted goods, quirky paraphernalia, vintage decorative items as well as mouth-watering homemade food from over 100 specially curated vendors. Sponsored by Shopee Malaysia, this last installment of the year is upping the ante by featuring new thrills such as car boot sales by Honda Malaysia, freebies giveaways by Yelp and various other contests.

Homemade food products are very much sought after at Markets by Jaya One

Homemade food products are very much sought after at Markets by Jaya One