What is Octaplus and Why You Should Use It

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Shop and Earn Cashback with Octaplus

Who doesn’t like Cashback? Certainly not me! I love anything that gives me cashback because then I’ll be able to accumulate more money to buy more stuff.

If you’re familiar with cashback programmes, you’ll be hooked by this concept.

What is Cashback?

Cashback means when you purchase something, you get a percentage of the amount in return as an incentive. This could also mean you’re getting a discount off things you purchased. With this money saved, you can purchase more stuff!

Bungkusit, Your Next Favorite App!

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BungkusIt App

Remember those days when you used to force yourself to leave your house in order to get things done? And I’m sure all of us have wished we had a butler like old times or we were rich enough to hire an assistant to do everything with us. Well, now, in this pretty fast moving society along with the on-demand economy, I have finally found an answer to our prayers!