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What You Need to Know About Sasaran Beach 沙沙兰天空之镜 (Sky Mirror)


My besties and I planned for a trip to Sasaran Beach 沙沙兰天空之镜 (Sky Mirror) because YC will be leaving for Singapore soon. So this is a so-called farewell trip. My besties are all leaving me one by one. Sometimes I just felt envy seeing some besties who are able to catch up every other weekend.

How to Book for a Tour to Sasaran Beach 天空之镜 (Sky Mirror)

Before you go to Sasaran Beach 天空之镜 (Sky Mirror), you will need to book in advance for a spot.
For booking, you can either Facebook message 天空之镜 Sky Mirror Tour & Travel Sdn. Bhd. or Whatsapp 019-266 6665 (YM Lim).

Price per person: RM 80

Top 5 Activities at Belum Rainforest Resort, Perak

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Located at Gerik, Perak, Belum Rainforest Resort is the perfect choice for a staycation to reconnect with your loved ones and the nature. But apart from staying in the hotel room, there are actually a lot of activities that you can take part in and get closer to nature. These activities can also take your mind off work so you can recharge better.

Top 5 Activities at Belum Rainforest Resort

  1. Visit the Aboriginal Village (Kampung Orang Asli)

    Orang Asli Village, Kampung Chuweh looks simply divine

    Orang Asli Village, Kampung Chuweh looks simply divine

    This is how the small aboriginal village looks like

    This is how the small aboriginal village looks like

    Chuweh is an orang asli village that was fairly new. It was better for them as a whole to relocate to a cleaner place with better living conditions. I feel that the condition was really good and the scenery was just like heaven! I definitely wouldn’t mind staying here.

6 Must-Visit Spots in Langkawi!


Termed as the Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi is the tropical paradise that will give you the best vacation in Malaysia. The archipelago consists more than a hundred islands, spreads along the Andaman Sea, presenting you the freshest moment.

There are plenty spots to be visited in Langkawi. The entire spots offer various things that may pamper all types of person. From the existed selection, at least you can’t miss these 6 spots! All of the spots on the list below are always mentioned in the popular travel recommendations in Langkawi.