Important Things to Know About Social Media Video Marketing

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Video Production for Social Media Video Marketing

Nowadays, social media video marketing is an integral role in any marketing strategy. It cannot be denied that social media has became a norm in our daily lives be it Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or other platforms. One of the things that most, if not all social media apps tend to have, is some form of video content on their platform. In a way, you could say that video marketing has taken the social media world by storm.

With the popularity of video on the rise, more and more businesses are looking to tap into this marketing gold mine and capture the attention of these viewers. With increasingly more competitors vying for these viewers, how can one improve their social media video marketing skills and stand out from the crowd? Here are a few quick tips.

Important Things to Know About Social Media Video Marketing

Important Things to Know About Social Media Video Marketing
Important Things to Know About Social Media Video Marketing

Video Quality is Important for Social Media Video

Aside from the obvious fact that a high-quality video will attract more viewers, producing high quality videos also represents your skills as a professional. Let’s say you’re a client looking for a corporate video production agency in Singapore, would you rather trust the company that promotes mediocre quality videos on their social media platforms or the one that promotes 4K HD videos? Exactly. 4k HD videos every single time.

If that’s not enough to convince you about video quality, here’s a quick fact. A survey done by Verizon Digital Media Services found that 25% of their respondents have mentioned that they stopped watching a video because of awful video quality for at least half the time in the previous month. Although 25% doesn’t seem like a big number at first glance, it is if you calculate it by the millions. If you had one million viewers watching a video of mediocre quality that you promoted on Facebook, at least 250000 of these viewers would stop watching your video. That’s a loss of 250,000 potential leads!

To put it frankly, video quality matters, so don’t underestimate its importance.

Simplicity is key

Nowadays, information is abundant. Sometimes, it can even be overwhelming. The moment we watch a video on YouTube, there’s an ad. We could be browsing through our Facebook feed and sure enough, an ad appears. We’re constantly bombarded with information so if we want to get a message across to viewers, your video needs to be short, concise and attention grabbing. If you’re making a video, ensure that you select only the important points of your product, brand or service that you want to relay to viewers in the first few seconds.

Don’t use bombastic or technical jargons because although they may sound impressive, the average viewer may not understand what the video is all about and move on to better things that can be found on their social media platform. Remember, we want our video content to be relatable to viewers, not the other way around.

Research and test before video creation

Always, always be sure to do a sufficient amount of research on your target market before producing a video. If you have a theory or a gut feeling, back it up with some solid evidence. One of the worst things that can happen to any company is investing thousands of dollars into a video only to receive minimal conversions or engagement from viewers upon publishing. So, before you jump at an idea, do some research on it, test the idea on a number of people to get some feedback, and then only initiate the video creation process.

Research before video creation
Research before video creation

You might find out through research for example, that the majority of your target market are young adolescents and that an animation video might work better to capture their attention compared to a live action video. In that case, you’d be better off looking for an animation studio to work with instead of a filming company. This would save you valuable time, money and resources.

Remember to optimize your videos

When it comes to videos on social media, you need to remember two things – video dimensions and subtitles. For example, a person might have produced a video for YouTube but decided to share a clip of that video on Instagram without making any edits. Obviously, the video on Instagram may look off because the dimensions are not optimized. This would be fine if you’re the average social media user. However, if you’re a company who spent thousands of dollars promoting that Instagram video, this could potentially cost you a ton of engagement and money. To avoid all these unnecessary issues, list down the dimensions of each social media platform you’re planning to use and edit the video dimensions according to the list.

Regarding subtitles, consider having them on all your videos. Since videos on social media platforms such as Facebook can be viewed without sound by default, you want to be sure your audience, should they come across your video, can understand the first few seconds of it. Yes, it may take extra effort to have subtitles in your videos but in the long run, this strategy will definitely pay off.

Hope this article helped you learned something in Social Media Video Marketing!


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