Best Styles for Tall Women

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Best Styles for Tall Women - Maximize Your Height with a Maxi Dress

Working with a tall frame can make styling hard for us tall women. Items are often too short or can look awkward with our lengthy limbs. But being over 5’ 7” definitely has its benefits once you know how to flatter your unique frame. It’s important to know how to dress for your body type, so we’re here to help tall girls around the world flaunt their figures with confidence and style.

Best Styles for Tall Women

Here are some of my favorite styles for tall women to show off their height when they want to, and tips for how to play it down, too.

Best Styles for Tall Women - Maximize Your Height with a Maxi Dress
Best Styles for Tall Women – Maximize Your Height with a Maxi Dress

Maximize Your Height with a Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are very flattering for tall women during any season and Asos has some options specifically designed with tall ladies in mind. This Glamorous Tall maxi dress in romantic floral incorporates a fun pattern and neutral tones that are perfect for the whole year. The flowy shape works great for any tall girl, and the cut out on the leg is a fun but subtle way to show off a little leg. No matter what the pattern is, maxi dresses are almost always a flattering choice for tall women.

Keep it Cool in a Pair of Flats

Being a tall woman means maximizing your height from time to time, but sometimes we have to play it down. Keep it comfortable, casual, and chic in a pair of round toe flats. These ones from Rothy’s go great with any outfit whether you’re dressing up for a date or exploring town on foot. They come in a bunch of different colors and patterns so you can flaunt your unique style wherever you’re headed.

Take Your Height to the Next Level in Heels

Sometimes your tall frame just isn’t enough height when you’re feeling confident and ready to take on the world. Slipping on a pair of cute heels can take your style points up a notch, or a few inches, rather. Show off your elevation as you strut your stuff through the urban runways of your city.

Jumpsuits Were Made for You

One of the biggest perks of being taller than the rest of your friends is that unlike for the vertically challenged, jumpsuits were practically made for you. Embrace your height with a fitted jumpsuit! This one from Long Tall Sally has a refined fit in a Navy hue that makes it a great choice for a night out, a day on the town, or even a professional look with a fitted blazer to layer on top. Jumpsuits can work perfectly for any event – you just have to know how to dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

Accentuate Your Long Legs with Thigh High Boots

Show off those long model legs with a pair of thigh high boots. We love boots for year round wear, but especially during the fall and winter seasons. Tall women are lucky to be able to rock ankle boots and have the option to sport thigh highs like nobody’s business – and like no short gal can. They’re a bold style move that we love, and we say if you’ve got it, definitely flaunt it. These leather thigh high boots are a dream with a maxi dress or flowing skirt.

Oversized Works for Your Lengthy Frame
Oversized Works for Your Lengthy Frame

Oversized Works for Your Lengthy Frame

Another advantage to being tall is being able to wear clothes with an oversized fit without looking frumpy. Your shorter friends will be jealous of how seamlessly you can throw on a baggy sweater or dress and make it look so chic. Oversized works for us because we have the lengthy limbs to fill out oversized clothes like others don’t. Not only do we love this look, but it’s so comfortable, too! You’ll feel like you just rolled out of bed while still maintaining your signature sense of style. This minimalist handmade knit sweater would look perfect on any tall gal with jeans or leggings.

What Styles Look Best on Tall Women?

No matter what you’re wearing, you have to wear it with confidence. Your tall figure is unique and you should love to show off the figure that makes you special. Have fun, and play around with different styles, patterns, textures, and colors until you find a style that suits you and your body type. Shopping shouldn’t be stressful. Get inspired with our style blog, and shop ‘til you drop.


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