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With Sisley’s forty-year expertise in innovating skincare formulation using the best plant extracts, they are now extending their know-how to hair care. Introducing Sisley’s hair care brand, Hair Rituel by Sisley where the products are geared towards caring for both main components of the hair – the scalp and hair fibre.

Hair Rituel by Sisley

Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris
Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris
Since Sisley is a skincare brand and their expertise is in skin care area, some might doubt that their hair care products might not be as good as this is not their area of expertise. However, if you give it some thought, Sisley’s expertise in skincare is very valuable for hair care because the composition and functioning of skin cells and scalp’s cells are similar. Also, the factors that diminish hair beauty (stress, fatigue, pollution, genetic aging) are the same as those that damage the skin. Hence, the tagline “Haircare is the new skincare” is born.
With full range of Hair Rituel by Sisley
With full range of Hair Rituel by Sisley
Hair Rituel by Sisley consists of 8 essential treatment products formulated with a powerful concentration of botanical extracts and essential oils create a complete, sensorial beauty ritual to energize hair bulb and restructure hair fibre.
Getting my scalp and hair pampered with Hair Rituel by Sisley products
Getting my scalp and hair pampered with Hair Rituel by Sisley products

The scalp

  • To improve hair vitality – Vitalising-fortifying complex (Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Pro-vitamin B5, Vitamin E derivative) and Arginine
  • To improve strength and resistance from the roots – Rice proteins and Vitamin Peptide to densify the hair fibre
  • To protect the hair’s natural color – Linseed extract and Einkorn wheat extract
  • To soothe and purify the scalp – Alpha-Bisabolol of natural origin, Sage

The hair fibre

  • To rebuild the fibre in depth – Restructuring complex composed of a “Ceramides-like” active ingredient, Cotton proteins
  • To restore the protective sheath – Shea, Macadamia, Camellia, Hazelnut, Moringa oils
  • To give radiance and shine – Moringa, Maracuja, Cotton Seed oils
The unique olfactory signature, fresh and energizing scent of Hair Rituel by Sisley is the combination of citrusy, woody notes of Verbena, Lemon, Peach blossom, and Amber. This concentrate contains an “active core” of natural ingredients (essential oils of Hinoki, Mimosa absolute, and Bay Rum), which contribute to hair vitality by providing nutrients. 20180718 121623 312 | Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris [Review] The complete hair care routine to clean, regenerate, fortify, and beautify hair:

Step 1 – Clean

Getting my scaHair Rituel by Sisley Shampoos
Getting my scaHair Rituel by Sisley Shampoos
Healthy hair begins with healthy scalp, that’s why cleaning is the most important step of all. Depending on your hair condition and needs, choose the most suitable shampoo among the 3 types that they’re offering.

Revitalizing Straightening Shampoo with Moringa Oil *

Especially for curly, thick and unruly hair that often suffers from excess volume, frizz and tangles. This shampoo’s sulphate-free formula tames, controls and softens hair to give beautiful results. Hair becomes stronger and more resistant, thanks to the vitalizing fortifying complex of minerals and vitamins.

Revitalizing Volumizing Shampoo with Camellia Oil

Revitalizing Volumizing Shampoo gently cleans the hair and provides vitamins and minerals needed for scalp and hair vitality. Its sulphate-free formula is enriched with ultra-soft surfactants. Active hair care ingredients immediately provides tone and pump up the volume from roots to ends.

Revitalizing Smoothing Shampoo with Macadamia Oil

Delicately cleans the hair while nourishing, coating, and taming unruly hair. Hair is shinier and smoother with each wash.

Step 2 – Detangle

Restructuring Conditioner with Cotton Proteins

The Restructuring Conditioner gets to the bottom of tangles and messy hair, coating the hair to smooth its cuticle, increase shine, and improve resistance. Its melting texture makes it extremely easy and pleasant to apply. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes for smoother and silkier hair!

Step 3 – Regenerate

Regenerating Hair Care Mask

Hair Rituel by Sisley - Regenerating Hair Care Mask
Hair Rituel by Sisley – Regenerating Hair Care Mask
Almost all of us have used hair mask before, but a hair care mask that can be used on both scalp and hair? This is the first for me! With 4 botanical oils (Shea, Macadamia, Camellia, and Hazelnut), the Regenerating Hair Care Mask repairs devitalized, sensitized hair and nourishes the hair fibre without weighing it down. My hair feels immediately stronger, softer, and shinier after leaving it on for 10 minutes!

Step 4 – Fortify

Revitalizing Fortifying Serum for the scalp

Revitalizing Fortifying Serum
Revitalizing Fortifying Serum
Just like how we have serum for the face, our scalp needs serum too! Revitalizing Fortifying Serum helps make the hair stronger and denser with its high concentration of minerals, vitamins, plant extracts, and proteins. Revitalizing Fortifying Serum has proven to be spectacularly effective to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. This powerful product is designed to be applied to dry or damp hair on the scalp, section by section (3 droppers). Gently massage in with the fingertips, particularly in areas where you experience hair fall. To be used every other day for one month, then twice weekly for two months for maintenance.

Step 5 – Beautify

Volumizing Spray *

Volumizing Spray is a lightweight styling product that acts immediately on the visible portion of hair to give density and texture. Utilizing texturizing and sheathing properties of Boswellia gum, it also incorporate Rice bran proteins to help separate the fibres and give hair a much-needed boost, effectively counteracting flat hair. Lastly, a new resin coats each hair in a flexible volumizing film that withstands humidity. Lightly spritz on the roots of wet hair before blow-drying. It can also be used once a day on dry hair for a quick touch-up.

Precious Hair Care Oil

Hair Rituel by Sisley - Precious Hair Care Oil
Hair Rituel by Sisley – Precious Hair Care Oil
Applying the Precious Hair Care Oil creates a film of light around the fibre to prime the hair for styling. Thanks to a unique cocktail of nourishing and softening oils: Passionfruit, Shea, Cotton, and Moringa, hair is visibly shinier and glossy.
tallpiscesgirl X ohfishiee
tallpiscesgirl X ohfishiee
After applying it, my hair has a delightful scent that lasts all day! Unlike other hair oils, it is not sticky and heavy. * Revitalizing Straightening Shampoo and Volumizing Spray will be available from September onwards Hair styling by Sisley
I’m loving all their products because of their nutrient rich ingredients that gives my hair the best pampering sensation! I will continue to use this range to get the optimum efficacy.
Hair Rituel by Sisley is available at all Sisley beauty counters. Find the nearest one using the store locator here: For more information on Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris, visit


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