Care For Your Hair With Guardian Kusabana

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tallpiscesgirl X Guardian Kusabana

Guardian Malaysia continues to expand its range of exclusive products with the addition of the Guardian Kusabana hair care, a range formulated with hot spring water from Japan.

Guardian Kusabana Hair Care

Guardian Kusabana Hair Care Formulated in Japan
Guardian Kusabana Hair Care Formulated in Japan

Kusabana, which means ‘plant with flower’ in Japanese, is inspired by the revered Japanese art form of natural beauty and flower arrangements. What makes it unique is that it is formulated from hot spring water from Yubara Japan, which contains a combination of multi-minerals like sodium, calcium and potassium that promotes a healthy scalp.

How Long Does SMP Last? Important Answers You Need

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Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a common hair loss solution in the United States for a good number of reasons. For starters, people choose it because it is not as invasive as some other hair loss solutions like hair transplants. What’s more? When compared with some other solutions like Biotin shampoos, laser caps, and Propecia which are not invasive, SMP has proven to be more effective in producing visible and desired results.

Essential Beard Care Tips

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Beard Care

You must have heard the term ‘beard gang’; it’s a trend of growing full facial hair and many people are crazy about it. Though a subjective opinion, many people are on this train especially given the way people try to grow and maintain facial hair.

Well, if you are one of the ‘gang’, you should understand that every part of the beard-growing process is a deliberate one. This implies that there are certain things you should do, as well as not do to achieve your aim.