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Guardian Malaysia continues to expand its range of exclusive products with the addition of the Guardian Kusabana hair care, a range formulated with hot spring water from Japan.

Guardian Kusabana Hair Care

Guardian Kusabana Hair Care Formulated in Japan
Guardian Kusabana Hair Care Formulated in Japan

Kusabana, which means ‘plant with flower’ in Japanese, is inspired by the revered Japanese art form of natural beauty and flower arrangements. What makes it unique is that it is formulated from hot spring water from Yubara Japan, which contains a combination of multi-minerals like sodium, calcium and potassium that promotes a healthy scalp.

Camelia Japonica Oil from Toshima Island is also one of the key ingredients that reduces the formation of split ends, protects the hair from external influences, and from drying out, softens hair and makes it shinier.

Anna Hull, Commercial Director Malaysia and Brunei and Own Brand Director, SEA Health and Beauty said: “At Guardian, we are constantly researching and bringing in the best products available at great value for our customers.”

Kusabana is the result of this continuous effort and the range is bottled exclusively for Guardian, making it one of Guardian’s exclusive Own Brand products. Kusabana’s unique formulation is 100% from Japan. It is free from silicone and 7 other harmful ingredients (parabens, colorant, SLS, SLES, MIT, CMIT and mineral oils) for healthy hair and skin, 90% derived from natural ingredients, it contains six oils and extracts and uses fragrances from world class perfumers.

All Kusabana products are dermatologically tested and proven. The range includes a Moist and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner, a Damage Repair Shampoo and Conditioner and Hair Mask, a Volume and Anti-Breakage shampoo, a Deep Cleanse and Refresh Shampoo and a Moist and Repair Jasmine Hair Oil.

Kusabana's Beautiful Packaging
Kusabana’s Beautiful Packaging

Guardian Kusabana Moist and Shine

The Moist and Shine shampoo and conditioner has a unique Nourish Lock Complex™ that helps nourish hair and revitalize the scalp. Its ingredients include:

  • Argan oil: Nourishes and revitalizes scalp to add brightness, softness and silkiness to hair)
  • Honey premix: Moisturizes, soften and soothes
  • Olive oil derivatives (anti-oxidant and moisturizer)
  • Ume extract: Improves hair elasticity
  • Grape skin extract: Helps protect scalp from UVB rays
  • Moringa seed extracts: Helps repair and strengthens hair

It features a pleasant thyme tea rose fragrance.

Guardian Kusabana Damage Repair

The Damage Repair shampoo and conditioner has a unique Restore Shield Complex™ that helps to strengthen hair and repair hair damage. Its ingredients include:

  • Japanese Camillia Oil: Softens the hair, makes it shinier and reduce the formulation of split ends
  • Argan oil: Nourishes and revitalizes scalp to add brightness, softness and silkiness to hair
  • Prune oil: Improves hair shine and softness
  • Licorice leaf extract: Moisturizes scalp
  • Purple brown rice bran extract: Anti-oxidant and helps protect from UVB ray damage
  • Sunflower ceramide: Protects hair damaged by perm, UV and color fading from wash

The shampoo and conditioner feature a delightful Pear Freesia English fragrance.

Guardian Kusabana Moist and Repair Jasmine Hair Oil

The Moist and Repair Jasmine Hair Oil has a 6-in-1 benefit:

  1. Reducing the formation of split ends by smoothening hair cuticle
  2. Detangling hair
  3. Protecting from hair damage
  4. Nourishing hair
  5. Improving hair elasticity
  6. Improving hair shine

Its ingredients include argan oil (nourishing and revitalizing for scalp, giving brightness, silkiness and softness to hair), Japanese Camelia oil (helps to soften the hair and repair slit ends and makes hair shinier), Olive oil derivative (anti-oxidant and moisturization), Sunflower extract (helps to protect hair damaged by perm, UV and color fading from wash) and Jasmine sunflower oil.

Kusabana Hair Care Range, exclusively at Guardian
Kusabana Hair Care Range, exclusively at Guardian

Now you can get sensationally beautiful and desirable hair with the Guardian Kusabana hair care range, which retails only from RM31.90 per pack. Shop for Kusabana products at Guardian store near you or purchase them online:

BONUS: We learned Ikebana flower arrangement from Ikebana by Joo during the product launch at COCOdry, Publika. Do you like it?

Ikebana Flower Arrangement
Ikebana Flower Arrangement


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