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Aqua Kent Excell Under Counter Water Purifier Promotion | Water Never Felt and Tasted Better

Just the other day I was out with my friends for a run around the park, and we managed to sweat out what seemed to have been overdue for the past week. It felt refreshing after, drinking the waters from the water dispensers around the park. My first sip turned into gulps, and before I knew it, my friends gave me a look of what seemed disapproving, and proceeded to ask if it “tasted good”.

What shocked me was my ability to read between those lines. I knew exactly what they meant. The water I was drinking had not been filtered nor purified properly, and was seriously bad for my health. But it was in the spur of thirst that I decided to drink water from the dispenser, but then again, I realized none of my friends had taken a sip from which I took continuous mouthfuls.

Don’t get me wrong, water is an essential for health and metabolic processes in our bodies. Composed by 70% of water, it is IMPOSSIBLE to go on a day without water without feeling the adverse effects.

“Do you drink purified water?” And my answer to that now is YES.

Let me share WHY.

  1. Purified water is the best exercise fuel!
    • Unlike any other, purified water from Kent under counter water purifiers serves as the natural replenishing drink with essential healthy minerals such as Calcium and Potassium.
    • It does not contain dirt, bacteria nor traces of chlorine.
  2. It shows in the glow of your skin!
    • Purified water that undergo the process through an under counter water purifier effectively flush out toxins and metabolic waste, hence preventing the possibility of your skin drying out.
  3. It reduces headaches!
    • The culprit is DEHYDRATION. Ensuring the intake of water you have daily is as essential as making sure the water you are drinking is clean and purified through an under counter water filter.
  4. It regenerates the body’s essential mineral needs!
    • Our body’s consistent reliance on nutrients and minerals for growth is benefited with the 6 step water purifying processes to ensure your water is clean and safe before consumption.

Since then, I’ve been trying to get my hands on under counter water filters and purifiers from the market.

Today, I will never need to think twice about my water, because my family and I are using the AQUA KENT WATER FILTER.


Aqua Kent Excell Plus
Aqua Kent Excell Plus


The Aqua Kent Excell Water Purifier is a water filter placed underneath your sinks, allowing you to drink freshly filtered water directly from your sinks. I’ve always thought that was a good way to drink directly from the tap (the hassle can get to you sometimes, looking at all the cups piled up in your sink!).

This 7 litre tank stores water at high pressures, pushing it upwards and reaching your sink, producing high pressure filtered water. The Aqua Kent Excell Water Purifier serves as a great storage system, as it stores water during water shortages enough to last you at least 7 days! (absence of water for 7 days and more can lead to dehydration and life threatening respiratory problems!)


mineral ro water filter malaysia | Water Never Felt and Tasted Better

What makes Aqua Kent Excell Water Purifier THE ONE? It’s 6 stage combination of RO, UV and UF throughout the purification processes ensures the minerals in your water are retained, making it SAFE to drink!

The FIRST stage; the Sediment Filter: Raw water from the source goes through a Sediment Filter, removing all large suspended particles including mud, sand, rust and more.

The SECOND stage; the Activated Carbon Filter: KENT’s specially treated activated carbon further traps chemical pollutants including hydrocarbons and foul smells.

The THIRD stage; the RO Purification: This is when the Reverse Osmosis Purifier removes harmful substances through a semipermeable membrane. It removes dissolved impurities like chlorine and fluoride, making it much safer for consumption.

The FOURTH stage; the UF Purification: Pumped through the Ultrafiltration Purification, water that is pumped is bacteria and cyst free! Presence of these elements can cause serious illnesses, hence prevention of bacterial intake from your water keeps your family protected from harmful chemicals.

The FIFTH stage; the TDS Controller: Total Dissolved Solids Controller retains beneficial minerals from being stripped during KENT’s rigorous purification process.

The SIXTH and LAST stage; the UV Purification: KENT uses double purification by filtering water one last time through Ultra Violet Purification as a form of protection. This final step removes bacteria and viruses making water finally safe to drink.

Aqua Kent Water


There are many water purifiers in the market, but what makes Aqua Kent Excell Water Purifier the best of the best?

That’s simple. Let me break it down for you.

Firstly, it runs on Computer Controlled System.

computer controlled ico 7.36.04 am | Water Never Felt and Tasted Better

The Aqua Kent Excell Water Purifier has a system inside which detects when exactly your filters have reached its maximum efficiency through a beeping sound. This is to inform you that it’s time to change your filters.

Enhancing the safety of this product, it will shut down the system to prevent impure water from flowing out of your sinks. Only when the right time comes, you change your filters to prevent impurities in your water. This saves costs and time!

Secondly, it’s Mineral RO Technology. Being the first in Malaysia to have a TDS Controller, this ensures minerals to be retained in your water. It doesn’t add minerals, but retains the minerals. It also effectively removes present chemicals and impurities.

On top of that, the UV Light (Ultraviolet Rays) kills all the bacteria’s and viruses in the water. We tend to neglect the harmful effects of unseen harmful particles, however with Aqua Kent Excell Water Purifier, water is filtered to ensure even the smallest, unseen particles are removed.

Dirty Water

What really stands out on top of the other properties is the double purification system. The double purification system of RO + UV / UF undergoes the process of removing dissolved impurities such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses and salts, making water 100% pure.

Double Purification

You may wonder, the ample amount of processes may lead to wastage, right? However that is NOT the case! With the Aqua Kent Excell Water Purifier’s Save Water Technology, rest assured that it employs a computer-controlled process that recovers more than 50% water as purified water.


A healthy living starts with what you put in your body, for your body. Trusting what’s right for your body with products with World’s Top Certifications guarantees that Aqua Kent Excell Water Purifier not only gives the most purified water, but is also trusted by millions. This RO purifier is tested and certified for its performance and quality by world’s renowned laboratories, such as the WQA (USA), NSF (USA) and ISI.

Aqua Kent Excell Awards | Water Never Felt and Tasted Better

How about all that in the comfort of your own home and system?

Aqua Kent Excell Under Counter Water Purifier
Aqua Kent Excell Under Counter Water Purifier

Read more about the Kent Excell Under Counter Water Purifier here: https://www.aquakentwaterfilter.com.my/kent-excell-under-the-counter-kitchen-sink/

Visit them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/AquaKentROMalaysia/

Get Behind the Scenes on Their Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aquakentromalaysia/


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