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Kubis & Kale Opens the Doors to Healthy Poke Bowl


Healthy eating is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle! If you’ve decided to embrace healthy living but find that choices isn’t enough when it comes to healthy food, here’s a good news for you! The doors to healthy “Poke, Cooked Foods & Vegans” In A Bowl are now open with the official launch of Kubis & Kale at Sunway. Brought to you by Chef Aaron Lim, the pioneer in Malaysia’s poke bowl scene, Kubis & Kale is a venue for green, light, tasty and healthy noms.

Chef Aaron Lim, founder of Kubis & Kale at Bandar Sunway

Chef Aaron Lim, founder of Kubis & Kale at Bandar Sunway

Best of Hong Kong at Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant


Hong Kong has long known as “Gourmet Paradise” and “World’s Fair of Food” especially for Cantonese cuisine. The upscale Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant at One World Hotel Petaling Jaya has a reputation for fine Cantonese cuisine, and the food is worthy of its repute. If you are looking to spoil your taste buds this October, come to Zuan Yuan as Executive Chinese Chef Tommy Choong Chan Hoo will be showing off his culinary skills and curated a stunning array of Hong Kong signature food for Best of Hong Kong menu.