6 Must-Visit Spots in Langkawi!

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Langkawi sky bridge | 6 Must-Visit Spots in Langkawi!
Termed as the Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi is the tropical paradise that will give you the best vacation in Malaysia. The archipelago consists more than a hundred islands, spreads along the Andaman Sea, presenting you the freshest moment. There are plenty spots to be visited in Langkawi. The entire spots offer various things that may pamper all types of person. From the existed selection, at least you can’t miss these 6 spots! All of the spots on the list below are always mentioned in the popular travel recommendations in Langkawi.
  1. Langkawi Cable Car

    Panorama Langkawi is located on the southwest coast side of the main island. The cable car (a.k.a. SkyCab) is floating almost 710 meters above the sea level, bring the passengers can enjoy the amazing panoramic scene of the nature of Langkawi, from the entire island, mountainous hills, rainforest, waterfalls, and beaches. Moreover, you can see parts of Indonesia on the southwest and Thailand on the north on a clear day. This 20-minute ride floating through 2.2 km distance, linking the foothill of Manchichang mountain to the mountain summit and SkyBridge. Since it’s always crowded, it’s better coming earlier in the morning to avoid huge crowds. Best time to go on the ride is just right before sunset so you can get the picturesque view for photos!
  2. Langkawi Sky Bridge

    Langkawi Sky Bridge
    Langkawi Sky Bridge
    This bridge is close to the final station of Langkawi Cable Car and used as a pedestrian track. It’s located at the top of the hill spanning 125-meter long in curvy form, expanding the view of Matchincang Mountain, Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls, Andaman Sea, and the rainforest from 700 meters above the sea level. There are small square areas with the glass floor, showing more thrilling yet amazing view from the top. You can access this place with the separated fee from the Langkawi Cable Car.
  3. Art in Paradise 3D Museum

    Situated at Oriental Village – Burau Bay precisely next to the Langkawi Cable Car, this museum bespoke as the largest 3D art museum in Malaysia, also the #2 largest in the world. Inside the 3-storey building, there are over 200 three-dimensional artworks that scattered into 9 interactive zones on the whole side, from the ceiling, walls, to the floor! By paying RM30 for adult and RM20 for children (local tourist), you can explore all areas within 2 hours or more to collect the magical photos inside! Some paintings regularly change every 12 months for the greater experience.
  4. Cenang Beach

    This is the most illustrious and the central beach in Langkawi. Located on the southwestern tip of the island within only 10 minutes drive from the Langkawi International Airport, Cenang Beach has complete facilities to support the tourism needs. Around this beach, there are plenty cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, duty-free outlets, tour operators, and hotels. The Langkawi hotels in here are various from the budgets, chalets, to the high-end world-class resort. Casa del Mar is Langkawi hotel that hailed as the best in town. It is located on the white sandy Cenang Beach and offers exquisite retreat, with numerous amenities suitable for any travelers.
  5. Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls

    Telaga Tujuh means Seven Wells. The name refers to a series of seven connected natural pools from the seven distinct waterfalls in Matchincang Mountain. It is located on the western headlands, inside the Matchincang Mountain areas. Many people came here to dip in the fresh natural water that surrounded by soothing scenes. If you brave enough, challenge yourself to climb the steep area for 45 minutes long, across the giant rocks and the whole seven pools to reach the top of the waterfalls. Indeed, the panorama is so magical with various beautiful floras and faunas.
  6. Underwater World Langkawi

    The largest aquarium in Malaysia is landed about 6 acres on the southern point of Pantai Cenang, close to the border of Pantai Tengah. This is the home for over 500 marine species and freshwater fishes. The worlds’ biggest freshwater fish name Amazonian arapaima also well preserved in this aquarium. You can also see the penguins here; no more need to fly far away to the Antartica! Not only the living underwater creature in the giant aquarium, the Underwater World Langkawi also carries an educational center, 3D theater, and a cafeteria.


  1. Miera Nadhirah Rashidi says:

    I have been to 1/2 of the places you mention so something tells me I need to go back to langkawi for the other 1/2

  2. Elana Khong says:

    Been to most of it. Langkawi indeed a great vacation destination. Love the duty free shopping too!

  3. fadzirazak says:

    The last time I went to langkawi was like 10 years ago. Oh my god, that was very long time ago. I bet there will be so much difference now

  4. °♡Jacqueline Khoo♡° says:

    Ahh I know, it’s been few years back since my last visit to Langkawi, perhaps should plan for 2nd visit!

  5. Rane Chin says:

    I know right! Just back from Langkawi but missed the cable car! Coz it was too crowded during holiday season

  6. Emily Lowe says:

    Good choices here. Although I am aware of them all, I haven’t visited all of them yet. Will complete it one fine day.

  7. Kylie Wenn says:

    That sky bridge was close for renovation during the time I went.. So, it’s open back d now? good.. Let’s plan another trip there~

  8. leonamanutd says:

    the cable car is a definite must visit but avoid going during holiday time, will have such a long line there

  9. Ivy Kam says:

    Haven’t been to Langkawi before, will bookmark this post for my travel reference 🙂

  10. Shin May says:

    The cable car is a must to ride when we go langkawi ! =)

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