Christmas Decoration 2015 in Shopping Malls (KL/PJ)

24 December 2015

It’s Christmas season again, my favorite time of the year where I can shop for my friends and exchange gifts with them! Have you toured the malls in KL/PJ and see their Christmas decorations? These are a few that I’ve went to and would like to share with you all.

Christmas Decoration 2015 in Shopping Malls (KL/PJ)

  1. Publika Shopping Gallery
    Christmas Decoration 2015 - Publika

    Christmas Decoration 2015 – Publika

    They have the most creative Christmas trees here at Publika. Some are made of cloth pegs, cloth, ropes, it’s just crazy! There’s one where kids can ride on it to play too. It’s called “Child’s Play”. Totally mind blowing. Check out my video below to see them.

    Christmas Decoration at Publika, Kuala Lumpur by tallpiscesgirl
  2. Sunway Pyramid
    Christmas Decoration 2015 - Sunway Pyramid

    Christmas Decoration 2015 – Sunway Pyramid

    I really love the concept at Sunway Pyramid whereby there’s an augmented reality aquatic wonderland for you to interact with. Plus, there’s free photo printing service! The Christmas trees were very colorful and that brings up happy mood. Click for the full Sunway Pyramid Christmas Decoration post.

  3. 1 Utama Shopping Centre
    Christmas Decoration 2015 - 1 Utama

    Christmas Decoration 2015 – 1 Utama

    White Christmas is definitely my most ideal type of Christmas Decoration 2015! Doesn’t it feel super romantic? And the setting feels like being in a foreign country… like Paris, France? I just love it!

  4. Berjaya Times Square
    Christmas Decoration 2015 - Berjaya Times Square

    Christmas Decoration 2015 – Berjaya Times Square

    Seems like Berjaya Times Square is reusing the same Christmas tree for their Christmas Decoration 2015 at main entrance. A bit boring but if you’re looking for something more exciting, head on to 1st Avenue. It’s a newly launched section at the mall and there are more interesting decors there.

As much I’d want to visit more malls, time doesn’t permit me to. I wish I could see Pavilion’s Swarovski Christmas tree and witness the snowing session! If I manage to visit Pavilion, I’ll update some pics here 🙂


  1. Camy

    December 24

    all so prettyyy!

  2. sgrmse.

    December 28

    that autoplay on the video shocked me! lmao. favourite holiday is def christmas! i used to visit malls for all the decor, too. until the holiday crowds grew CRAAAAZYYYY haha. or my patience just wore thin! q:

    ou’s decor is awesome possum!! thanks for sharing <3

    • Charmaine Pua

      December 31

      Haha sorry for the shock, I’ve turned the auto play off XD

      Happy New Year!

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