Bumbu Desa @ Suria KLCC [Review]

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Bumbu Desa, one of Indonesia’s largest chain restaurant has been around in Malaysia for 5 years already. In 2010, Bumbu Desa has been awarded the “Most Favourite Sundanese Restaurant” by Tourism Indonesia.

Bumbu Desa @ Suria KLCC

Bumbu Desa @ Suria KLCC

Bumbu Desa

There are currently two Bumbu Desa outlets in Malaysia; one at Suria KLCC and the other at KLIA2. I was invited to Bumbu Desa @ Suria KLCC to sample their set menu. Priced at RM160++ and designed for 4 pax, we certainly had an awesome time feasting on authentic Indonesian cuisine.

What you’ll be getting:

  1. Sayur Asem
    Bumbu Desa - Sayur Asem

    Sayur Asem

    Before having our meal, we had Sayur Asem (soup) as an appetizer. Boiled with a generous amount of quash and corn, its sweet and sour taste opened up our appetite.

  2. Gulai Talapia
    Bumbu Desa - Gulai Talapia

    Gulai Talapia

    Gulai Talapia is one of the most popular dishes at Bumbu Desa and definitely our favorite too. The succulent fish meat and the aromatic fish curry cooked with various spices and herbs goes very well with rice.

  3. Tempe Mendoan
    Bumbu Desa - Tempe Mendoan

    Tempe Mendoan

    Tempe Mendoan, deep fried battered fermented soybeans (tempeh) is deliciously piquant with lots of sauce.

  4. Gado-gado
    Bumbu Desa - Gado-gado


    Gado-gado, a popular street food in Indonesia just like our rojak has mixed vegetables, boiled egg and tempe topped with sweet and hot peanut sauce dressing. Served alongside with crispy emping (crackers)!

  5. Terung Sambal
    Bumbu Desa - Terong Balado

    Terong Balado

    This brinjal served in fiery hot balado brought me tears. Balado is one of the many kinds of sambal originated from Western Sumatra. The basic ingredients to make balado are chilies, tomato, shallots, salt, sugar and lime.

  6. Ayam Bakar
    Bumbu Desa - Ayam Bakar

    Ayam Bakar

    Ayam Bakar (roasted chicken) from Bumbu Desa was perfectly roasted; doesn’t look too charred. The mildly spicy sauce drizzled on it was a good match.

  7. Ayam Cabai Ijo
    Bumbu Desa - Ayam Cabai Ijo

    Ayam Cabai Ijo

    Ayam Cabai Ijo is strictly not for the faint hearted as the spiciness will send you to the moon and back. The chicken was marinated with lots green chilies and spices before being cooked. That explains why it was still super spicy even after I’ve removed the chilies from the meat.

  8. Rendang Daging
    Bumbu Desa - Rendang Daging

    Rendang Daging

    Delectable slow-cooked succulent beef accompanied by fragrance yet spicy rendang.

  9. 4 Glasses of Iced Lemon Tea
  10. Free flow of rice
  11. Mixed fruits

If you’re hosting more than 4 person, consider ordering these recommended dishes at Bumbu Desa:

Ayam Bumbu Desa (Price: RM 12.50)

Ayam Bumbu Desa
Price: RM 12.50

Ayam Bumbu Desa is their signature dish that I would totally recommend you to add-on. It is deep fried chicken marinated and cooked with hot spices (sambal).

Tongseng Kambing

Tongseng Kambing

Tongseng Kambing is a mutton stew dish and Clumsy Boy loved this so much, he kept getting more servings. According to him, the sauce was very flavorful and that’s why most of them went to his plate of rice!

Talapia Goreng

Talapia Goreng

Deep fried marinated talapia fish that even people who couldn’t tolerate spicy food can eat.

Udang Saute Kari

Udang Saute Kari

Pisang Sos Caramel

Pisang Sos Caramel

Ended our feast with yummy, sinful dessert – Pisang Sos Caramel! 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream accompanied by banana, drizzled with caramel sauce – excellent for sharing.



Bumbu Desa
Lot 415, Level 4, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2161 3530

Facebook page: Bumbu Desa Malaysia

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