Slide the City Putrajaya, Malaysia Experience

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In order to attend Slide the City Putrajaya, we woke up at 6.30 am on a Saturday. It was a weekend well spent though because looking back, it was really fun and a memorable experience. Seeing the massive 1000-foot waterslide lining Lebuh Wadi Ehsan got us really excited and nervous at the same time. Since Slide the City’s 2013 debut in the United States, they have developed an almost cult-like following worldwide, having reached more than 2 million people in major cities worldwide which include Japan, Seoul and Hong Kong. Slide the City Putrajaya Queue

Slide the City Putrajaya, Malaysia

When we arrived at 9.15 am, the queue was kinda short but we had to wait a few seconds after the person in front of us took off to build a gap. I guess it was for safety reason. With Clumsy Boy @ Slide the City Putrajaya Watch this video to see how happening Slide the City Putrajaya was! It’s too bad we don’t have GoPro to record our experience 🙁
Slide the City by tallpiscesgirl
The second before I went onto the slide, my heart was racing very fast because it feels like I’m going on a roller coaster. Luckily it doesn’t feel that way once I was on the slide. tallpiscesgirl @ Slide the City Putrajaya During the first few rounds, people got stuck on the slide easily and had to use the help from the staffs to get sliding again because there wasn’t enough water. Then, there was a technical glitch and the slide was put to halt for around 15 minutes. I heard that a participant stepped on some hose or something so they need to fix it. IMG-20151205-WA0001 After getting it fixed, the activity resumed. It was so much more fun because there’s more water this time and instead of waiting, we continuously slide down one after another. I made Clumsy Boy’s experience better by pushing him from behind with the momentum from my speed. So in the end, we really enjoyed this exclusive experience. Woke up with very sore arms the next day because I held on to my tube too hard due to fear. The good news is, this event will be held in various other locations across Malaysia in 2016. If you’re interested, don’t forget to pre-register to receive the latest updates from Slide the City Malaysia: Future reading regarding Slide the City: Slide the City Malaysia Officially Launched! Slide the City Malaysia Ticket Giveaway!


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