#LovingYou #7 – Chips vs. Fries


Been wanting to share this funny encounter for a long time but only get the chance to do so today. Too bad I lost the photo that I took. Hence, this will be a photo-less post. OMG! I found the photo!!! WAHAHA~~Situation: We were ordering a set of Nando’s meal to share and we can choose 2 sides for it.

Me: So… we take the potato wedges and Mediterranean Rice as the sides, ok?
Clumsy Boy: Hmmm… but I want potato chips wor
Me: But I wanna eat potato wedges wor… wedges is potato, chips is also potato. So 2 potato dishes ar?
Clumsy Boy: *looks as if his human rights is being denied*
Me: OK la, OK la… you like la *orders 2 potato side dishes*

*side dishes came*

Clumsy Boy: Huh, this is the chips??? *pointing at the French Fries*
Me: Abuh then? U think is Wise Potato Chips ar?
Clumsy Boy: Ya la, they didn’t say is which type of chips…
Me: When you eat Fish and Chips, which kind they give you? HAHAHAHAHA
Clumsy Boy: ………

Clumsy Boy with his Nando's chips

Clumsy Boy with his Nando’s chips

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  1. Merryn Tan

    June 2

    In the menu, there is no picture of the potato chips? SO cute lah. If he had wanted those keropok kinda chips, go to 7-11 and buy lah. In Nandos the rice sedap so must order as side dish wan. Haha.

  2. Haha no picture wan leh next time u go see XD

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