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#LovingYou #10 – Cheese in the Trap

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While watching Cheese in the Trap…

Baek In Ho (Seo Kang Jun) was playing the piano and then suddenly, the video stopped loading.

Me: Eh, why? He dunno how to proceed liao? Or he was preparing his emotion?
Clumsy Boy: He froze.
Me: Faster give him a nudge la.
Clumsy Boy: This kind of thing cannot rush one.
Me: Oh… Then you man man wait la har…
Clumsy Boy: *rushes to reload the site*

#LovingYou #9 – Show Me The Money 5

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Lately, I’ve been chasing Show Me The Money 5 Korean Edition after watching Jun Ha participating it in Infinite Challenge.

One day, Clumsy Boy and I were trying to make our sentences rhyme while in the car. Couldn’t recall what it was but then I said something lame (although it still rhymes).

Clumsy Boy: If you were in Show Me The Money, the judges will show you the exit.
Me: I’ll show you “the finger”!
Clumsy Boy: *burst out laughing*

Actually it wasn’t that funny la… but I guess Clumsy Boy didn’t see that coming 😆

By the way, I’m finally back from a family trip in Bangkok! It was a very tiring but rewarding trip. Hope you missed me 😀

#LovingYou #8 – 失落沙洲

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Clumsy Boy singing Lala Hsu (徐佳瑩)’s 失落沙洲 chorus part…

Clumsy Boy: Jiu siang kua… (in Cantonese, it means ‘want to die’)
Me: Why you want to kua (die)?
Clumsy Boy: You don’t know Mandarin, I don’t blame you.
Me: BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You don’t know Hokkien, I don’t blame you.
Clumsy Boy: *digs hole to hide*

What happened: 失落沙洲 is actually a Hokkien song! 😆