Lipidol – The Moisture Locking Oil Launches in Malaysia

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Lipidol Product Range
Just 2 months after Lipidol was officially launched in New Zealand and South Africa, I can’t help but felt proud that Malaysia has been selected to be the 3rd country to experience their products. The media launch was held at a classy restaurant called Cantaloupe, Troika Sky Dining.
Justin Letschert with Lipidol product
Justin Letschert with Lipidol product


Lipidol was founded by the creators of Bio-Oil, Justin Letschert and his brother, David. Together, they aimed to venture into moisture retaining daily skincare products using oil as the main ingredient.
Justin Letschert presenting Lipidol to the media
Justin Letschert presenting Lipidol to the media
For the launch, Justin Letschert has came all the way from South Africa to present Lipidol to members of the media. After listening to his presentation, I’m totally impressed and amazed at the amount of effort and time they invested in during the making of Lipidol. Everything from the oil color, bottle color, bottle design, cap design, etc. were decided after careful and detailed consideration.
Lipidol Product Range
Lipidol Product Range
The Lipidol products are packaged in sealed plastic wrappers, pioneering a move away from cartons, which originated in the era when product information needed to be available in-store. Lipidol Range of Products:
  • Cleansing Face Oil
  • Cleansing Body Oil
  • After Shower Oil
  • Sunscreen Oil
  • After Shave Oil
  • Overnight Face Oil
How it works:
The outermost layer of the skin is an oily layer. Its purpose is to hold moisture in the skin; an important function because moisture facilitates enzyme activity, which in turn leads to healthy, radiant skin. There are however occasions when moisture does escape. The main culprit is daily washing with soap, which strips away the skin’s oily layer. Another is a dry climate, which draws moisture from the skin into the outside air. Also, as the skin ages it produces less oil and it becomes harder to hold moisture in the skin. It is not possible to replace lost moisture by applying moisture to the skin as the skin’s moisture comes from within. The advantage of using oil in everyday skincare is that the skin’s natural oily layer is continually supplemented. All Lipidol products are priced at RM 24.90 each and available exclusively at Guardian Malaysia. For more info, visit their website at:
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