The Scent of Happiness

Have you ever thought that there would be a scent to represent happiness? Never crossed my mind before. But I found it! After getting married 2 days ago, it’s time for me to take up the responsibility as a wife to do house chores and that includes doing the laundry!!

The Scent of Happiness 1

But I’m happy to be doing it and I want to give the best to my dearest hubby (and I) so I tried Downy Parfum Collection – Happiness as fabric softener for our laundry. After all, happiness is the right mood to be in right now isn’t it?

Downy Parfum Collection

There are 4 variants in the collection which are Mystique, Passion, Innocence and Happiness. As you can see, I already have 2 of them! The newly enhanced version now contain two PMCs (Perfume Micro-Capsules) in each bottle. With two types of PMCs in one bottle, Downy Parfum Collection fabric softener leaves on fabrics tiny scent particles which stay on fabrics during storage and release different luxurious scent experience that changes with the natural movement of clothes, whilst wearing them, for days and days!

The Scent of Happiness 2

I still feel pretty amused with this Scent Switcher technology because it really works! I had people asking whether I switched perfumes in mid day! What do you think? *winks*

The Scent of Happiness 3

Downy Parfum Collection is available at all major retail outlets at recommended retail price of RM 5.85, RM 10.90 and RM 20.90 for the 370ml, 900ml and 1.8l variants respectively.

Visit to see how Scent Switcher technology works and take the ‘Does Your Man Notice You’ poll on the Downy’s Clozette website!

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  1. Downy stuff are really really gorgeous smelling!!! 😀 😀 congrats on being married! will you be blogging about the ceremony? (: x

  2. Camy

    June 4

    downy smell nice tho! and congrats again!

  3. Merryn Tan

    June 13

    Really nice? Must go grab one and try 🙂

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