VelaShape III Results!

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Velashape logo1 | VelaShape III Results!
I know you must’ve be very curious to find out my VelaShape III results after reading about Velashape here. So I went to The Retreat Clinic 2 weeks after my treatment for measurement.

VelaShape III Results

Velashape logo | VelaShape III Results!
You might ask why I needed to go back there to take measurement. The answer is simple: It’s because they’re more professional and they measured the length from the floor to my thigh before the treatment so they can follow the same measurement after treatment. Rest assured that the measurements are accurate! And so…. after the first treatment, *drum roll* I have lose 0.5 cm on each thigh! Wee~~!! Well, it’s far from becoming slim legs like SNSD but it’s a good start. According to Dr. Ong, the results are considered good since I’m quite skinny to begin with. For obviously slimmer legs like SNSD, I’ll need around 5-6 more VelaShape III treatments. I’m happy enough with the result so far.
Before & After VelaShape III - Left thigh
Velashape III Results
Before & After VelaShape III – Left thigh
Before & After VelaShape III - Right thigh
Velashape III Results
Before & After VelaShape III – Right thigh
Immediately after the first session, I felt my thighs were firmer than before. And the next 2 days, I can still feel the heat and a little painful to touch as if I’ve gotten a sunburn but it was tolerable. If you’re keen, remember to visit The Retreat Clinic because it is the ONLY place in Malaysia that has the VelaShape III device now. Address: The Retreat Clinic 14-1-1, Jalan Setia Prima (Q) U13/Q, Setia Alam, Seksyen U13, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor Tel: +603 3343 7296 Facebook Page:
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