#LovingYou #2 – Thean Hou Temple Mass Marriage Registration Agenda (14/2/2014)

12 February 2014
So… in another 2 days, I will be no longer single. Haha yeah, it’ll be Princess Piggy and Prince Froggy’s Registration of Marriage (ROM) day on Valentine’s Day at Thean Hou Temple! I know I haven’t write about the proposal yet but I promise that it’ll be soon k? BTW, do you know that Chinese Valentine’s Day and Western Valentine’s Day falls on the same day this year?

Lately, I have been quite clumsy maybe because too stressed, too many stuffs to manage and to prepare for wedding isn’t easy. I’ve misplaced the agenda/programme list for the mass marriage registration. Searched online but no information about it at all! Luckily I managed to find it in the end. Phew~~ *wipes sweat*

So, I decided to share out the agenda just in case if there’s people who are also clumsy like me LOL!

Thean Hou Temple Mass Marriage Registration Agenda (14/2/2014)
Thean Hou Temple Mass Marriage Registration Agenda (14/2/2014)

But I think there’s typo for the last agenda =.=”
It should be 12.30 PM instead of 12.30 AM. I do expect it to end around 2 hours later though. You know la, Malaysian timing…

Okies, I guess that’s all from me today. Stay happy! =)

PSA: Remember to buy Valentine’s gift and make booking for dinner!

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  1. Camy

    February 12

    congrats in advanceeee!

  2. Syaza Suhana

    February 13

    congratulationss 😀

  3. Nadia

    February 13

    Congrats dear. =)

  4. chili candy

    February 13

    congratss !!!

  5. Smart Dad

    February 13

    Congratulations! Happy Chap Goh Meh and Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Foong Pc

    February 14

    Congrats! And Happy Valentines Day! : )

  7. Bella Enveeus

    February 17

    Since it's already 17th today, so Congratulation on your wedding!! ^_^
    May your marriage be filled with lots of love, happiness and prosperity, always.

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