#LovingYou #1 – Pre-proposal/birthday Conversation

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Pre proposal 1 | #LovingYou #1 - Pre-proposal/birthday Conversation
Hello!! Just gonna introduce a new segment in my blog called #LovingYou to post some lame stuff that happened between Prince Froggy (also known as Clumsy Boy) and Princess Piggy (ahhh ya that’s me… sounds non-halal but I really like piggy stuffed toys LOL).

Sometimes, it’s really good to be able to read back and recall the funny conversations we’ve once had and the only way to remember them is to record them down or else it’ll lost in our hectic life (I guarantee!).

This conversation took place before Prince Froggy proposed to me with an iPad Mini on my birthday. Every year, I will ask him to give me hints on what he will be giving me for birthday but he was very secretive this year. But don’t know why he suddenly butt itchy and decided to give me some hints.

Prince Froggy: So what are you expecting for your present?
Princess Piggy: iPad Mini lor! Hehehe…
Prince Froggy: Err… why would you think I’ll buy you iPad Mini?
Princess Piggy: Cos you brought to Apple Store and kept asking whether I like iPad Mini or iPad more lor hehehe… *act smart*
Prince Froggy: Hmmm… if you expect so much I scared you will me disappointed leh… Let me give you a hint la… The gift need to order online wan
Princess Piggy: iPad Mini lor!! XD
Prince Froggy: =.=” but need to order from China wan wor…
Princess Piggy: HUH??? What is so special until you need to purposely order from China? Must be something cheap like phone cases… *disappointed*

Then I opened LINE messenger and showed him what expressions to expect from me when I unwrapped his present LOL! Sounds very lame though… And then he also posted some stickers like me kissing him once I saw the present and me being ignored despite crying (hmph!!)!

Pre proposal 1 | #LovingYou #1 - Pre-proposal/birthday Conversation

Pre proposal 2 | #LovingYou #1 - Pre-proposal/birthday Conversation

Pre proposal 3 | #LovingYou #1 - Pre-proposal/birthday Conversation

Pre proposal 4 | #LovingYou #1 - Pre-proposal/birthday Conversation

Who knew that in the end I really got an iPad Mini hahaha! I’ll share about it in the next #LovingYou segment!

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  1. cindy tong (cindysplanet.com) says:

    that's cute! now i feel lile making one too! but i dun use line to chat ahhah!

  2. Eriol Loh says:

    look foward to read the rest so sweet both of you:)

  3. Isaac Tan says:

    sweetness! 🙂

  4. missyblurkit says:

    hahaha…its funny!


  5. sgrmse. says:

    lovelovelove line forever 😀 hahaha.

  6. Smart Dad says:

    That's so sweet! Congrats!

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