If Only I Subscribed to DiGi Roaming…

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DSC 0529 21 | If Only I Subscribed to DiGi Roaming...
You know, I don’t always get to travel overseas much… Last time, it was because Clumsy Boy doesn’t have the budget to go with me and now, both of us also don’t have budget since I’ve quit my full time job 1 year plus ago. Nowadays, I get to travel overseas like once a year only, so every trip is very precious to me.
Few days ago, I browsed back the photos I took when I was in Singapore last year. Time flies! I didn’t realize it was already a year. Looking back at these photos reminded me our desperate search for free WiFi in order to upload photos to Instagram and Facebook. You know la, bloggers like to do live updates. And without Internet connection, I can’t even check in via Foursquare!

Merlion, Singapore
Merlion, Singapore

Sentosa Beach Tram
Sentosa Beach Tram

Well, obviously our search for free WiFi failed. Singapore’s free WiFi is only for their residents and other WiFi are password protected. If only I knew earlier about DiGi Roaming and subscribe it… =( Then I can post all these photos to my Instagram and show off a bit LOL!

Our "3D photo" at Merlion
Our “3D photo” at Merlion

DiGi Roaming
DiGi Roaming
So how does DiGi Roaming works? As my budget is limited, I’m glad that DiGi is offering a maximum price per day charge so I won’t get a bill shock when I got home. Subscribers can enjoy unlimited roaming via mobile phone, laptop and even tablet with a daily max cap from as low as RM 32/day. There are 41 operators worldwide.
Data usage of 3MB and above will be charged at a flat rate (daily max cap) of RM 32/RM 36/RM 56 per day depending on country.
Data usage less than 3MB will be charged at:
  • RM 10.66/MB with 10kb charging block for RM 32/day
  • RM 12/MB with 10kb charging block for RM 36/day
  • RM 18.66/MB with 10kb charging block for RM 56/day

Haih cannot show off... I became an angry bird
Haih cannot show off… I became an angry bird
You know, I can actually do a lot of things if I have data connection like:
  1. Upload photos to Instagram and Facebook
  2. Check-in and check what’s nice to eat via Foursquare
  3. Whatsapp my parents to let them know I’ve reached Singapore
  4. Use Google Maps to route to Gardens by the Bay and walk there instead of just staying in Marina Bay Sand’s casino (I went there with a tour agency)


Next time, I’ll surely subscribe to DiGi Roaming whenever I’m abroad! No more regrets!

For further information on DiGi Roaming services, click here: www.digi.com.my/roaming.


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  1. Foong Pc says:

    Yeah I was tempted to subscribe to Digi Roaming when I was overseas. But most of the time I can find free wifi in cafes and hotels. And I don't update too frequently so it's OK. But there's one time I subscribed because could not find wifi and the hotel's wifi not working!!

  2. Camy says:

    it's been quite sometimes since i travel oversea 🙁

  3. suituapui says:

    I've been with DIGI ever since my first handphone many many years ago…despite the fact that it did not have a very wide coverage then. Ok now.

  4. travelgraphers says:

    Great blog you have here. I always ask the telco to enable roaming whenever I subscribe to their services.

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