I’ve got my FREE Celcom PortaWiFi device!

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Celcom PortaWifi4 | I've got my FREE Celcom PortaWiFi device!
In my previous post, I have mentioned that I’ll be redeeming a FREE PortaWifi device from Blue Cube. So I went to this branch at TTDI since it’s near to Clumsy Boy’s house. I was stuck in a massive jam before I manage to arrive at his house though T_T But I’m really thankful that Blue Cube still opens on public holiday and the waiting time is short.

Celcom PortaWifi4 | I've got my FREE Celcom PortaWiFi device!

Celcom PortaWifi5 | I've got my FREE Celcom PortaWiFi device!

This is the best time to get it! The PortaWiFi would be really useful for that drive back to ‘kampong’ this Raya when you want to stay connected while on the go. Makes every journey an enjoyable one! Imagine playing Candy Crush Saga and Despicable Me: Minion Rush during the looooong journey! =p

Celcom PortaWifi
Celcom PortaWifi

If you’re wondering what a PortaWiFi is, listen up! PortaWiFi by Celcom is a device that lets you enjoy your very own personal WiFi wherever you go! Riding on Celcom First Data plan, you can use the PortaWiFi at home, outdoors on your laptops and even in your car! In the PortaWifi pack, there’s a dongle (modem), a 3-pin charger with USB adapter and an in-car charger with USB adapter so you can be connected anytime, anywhere.

With the PortaWiFi device, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Share WiFi access with up to 5 devices at once
  • Surf at speeds of up to 21Mbps
  • Get up to 10GB data
  • With the widest coverage of the fastest network

If you didn’t get a flyer at the toll plaza and is still interested in getting a PortaWiFi device, no worries! Celcom is having a promotion where you can get a FREE PortaWiFi when you sign up with their Celcom First Data plan and enjoy a total of up to RM120 rebates on your monthly bills.

To find out more about their promotion, click here.

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  1. MichLeong says:

    Saw this all over Facebook!

  2. Foong Pc says:

    Normally I'm the one driving so won't be able to enjoy going online during the drive back to kampung LOL!

  3. HenRy Lee says:

    Now you can have wifi on the go! 😀

  4. suituapui says:

    Now see how well it works… I'm on Celcom – ok early morning, sluggish by afternoon and as dead as a door nail by night. Tsk! Tsk!

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