Beautiful Beaches: Pantai Klebang @ Melaka

11 April 2013
One of the destinations during Eat, Play & Drive with Nissan Almera is Pantai Klebang! Honestly, I’ve never heard of this place before… I wished I knew it sooner! The view was simply amazing, I felt so excited when I saw the beach and can’t wait to get down and have a stroll along =)

Breathtaking view
Breathtaking view

Nissan Almera cars in the convoy
Nissan Almera cars in the convoy

How can I not take the chance to ber-posing with le boyfie? :p
How can I not take the chance to ber-posing with le boyfie? :p

With popular blogger, Huai Bin aka SixthSeal
With popular blogger, Huai Bin aka SixthSeal

I’m hoping to revisit Pantai Klebang soon! I wanna scream out all the negativity that has been building up in me, let go and find peace from the rhythm of sea waves~~~

Oh God… please end my suffering soon…

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  1. Tekkaus

    April 11

    Welcome to Malacca. 😀 Beautiful meh? :p

  2. Tekkaus

    April 11

    It's been a long time since I last went there. Back then a lot of people were flying kites.

  3. Never been to the beach in Malacca. Somehow it does not come across as a beach place – more Peranakan, Jonker Street, history…and Portuguese.

    • Haha I know right! And also Satay Celup and Chicken Rice Ball!

  4. I never really think of Melaka as a beach destination, but the water sure does have a calming effect.

  5. the scenery is so niceee!

  6. Chuen

    April 12

    Never knew that Melaka has a beach!

  7. Ah…love your pics! Den hardly took any pics coz he forgot to charge the camera! Hahaha

    Yes girl, take a day trip down to recharge!

  8. ChrisAu

    April 14

    It's been a while I never been there already..! So, u guys on Almera tour?

  9. Xue Ren

    April 14

    I never been to a beach in Malacca before!!! must be fun! 🙂

  10. Klebang always reminds me of the yummy coconut shake! But it seems like a quiet beach.

    • Yeah I wonder why it's so quiet! Maybe not many ppl know about it :X

  11. Really? We went there ka? :O

  12. foongpc

    April 16

    I didn't even know this place exists! Hahaha!!

  13. The place looks nice. I never knew Malacca has such nice beach!

    • Haha I'm proud to be self proclaimed Pantai Klebang ambassador *ahem ahem*

  14. cre8tone

    April 17

    Nice beach indeed..

  15. Nice…but I think the beaches along the East Coast…or Sabah are a lot nicer. Our Sarwak ones also like this.

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