Well, I’m sure it’s not the first time you hear girls and women got scammed money online or asked to transport drugs for them. The ‘guy’ who plans to scam these girls are normally quite intelligent. They tried to build a good relationship with you first but too bad they often did it in a very rushed way. Like this conversation I had few weeks ago, you can clearly note that all his long responses are obviously copied and pasted =.=

Nevertheless, I still played along. He also went on to self pity tactic, hoping that I will sympathize him LOL!





Beware girls! And please share it with your loved ones. Very often, they will be blinded by love and their heart melts when being sweet talked.

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  1. It's good to always be careful as they say, better be safe than sorry later. Take care, babe! 🙂

    • Yeah it's so dangerous nowadays! >.<

    • Anonymous

      June 16

      wah…lucky u nt become victim for them..whereas u give true info to him tim..dun lol..i dont see in newspaper anymore all this case..i hate it..Your girl be carefull all the time..u din kesian urself, i also kesian u all…especially in malaysia.

  2. Be careful!

  3. Smitten ByFood

    May 24

    I think you are talking to a comp bot. He doesn't really answer your questions.

    • I don't think he's a bot cos he did answer me when I asked him bout his age.

  4. Oh didn't know you are a freelance software developer, or were you lying? : D

  5. Haha!! He made a mistake about going for breakfast eh? LOL!

  6. Btw, I hate chatting on Facebook : )

  7. Ya…have to be very very careful. There are all kinds of people out there. You'll never know… Will link your post on Facebook to share with others. Hope none is so gullible to be tricked by those crooks.

  8. lol. mum teach me not to talk to strangers. haha so in that case, probably i wont even start the conversation. hahaha anyway, he's lousy, where the hell people type so long and expect someone to slowly read all. =.=
    you should continue to play with him! see who's the winner at the end! =DDD
    maybe you can scammed him back for a bunch of money HAHAHAHA

    • Aiyer I dun think I have that ability la… he'll probably ignore me LOL!

  9. Daniel Chiam

    May 25

    hohoho the many interesting people that you meet in social media… haha by sharing this, indirectly we get to know more about you too ^^

    Stay safe ladies…

  10. Kian Fai Koh

    May 25

    super lame sia zzz wew!

  11. This guy is nuts… He posted messages… like he's writing a freakin' essay… xD

  12. wah you are playing with fire girl…
    I read in the newspaper and I saw that a woman was cheated by a man fro US for about few millions..
    she sold her house for 3.5mill..
    can you believe that?

    • Yeah it's ridiculous!
      I don't have valuables so no need scared la hehe

  13. Wah! Interesting…… I'm very careful & I don't chat with strangers. Young gals like u need to be more cautious.

  14. Hey sweetie! I just don't entertain any chats on FB actually. My FB is mostly for game purposes ha ha! TGIF! 😀

  15. Hahaha! I've experienced this kind of conservation before! I wonder why so many girls fell for this scam!!! 🙁
    Latest: Bazaar: Markets at Jaya One 6

    • I guess they normally target lonely girls that's why it's easy to cheat.

  16. Ngaitiii… very weird convo lor..don't bother to read the long

  17. lol! thank goodness i dnt simply approve friend request on fb. Yeaa nowadays anything can happen thru online. :S

  18. Eunice

    May 28

    WTF. INTERESTING CONVO !!!WOOOO~~ I am so gonna tease u when i see u .;P

  19. Gosh! Such nerves…but again there's lots of such people. I am generally quite cautious with accepting FB request.

    • Haha normally I ignore these people but I was really curious that day XD

  20. WTF, they are.. using all kind of word just to get your attention..

  21. LOL!!!! Why did you bother talking to him for so long when it's so obvious already? Video Games Live Malaysia 2012

  22. i hope it's not someone who purposely make a Facebook account just to troll u! haha

  23. i always got this kind of message and i ignored them HAHA 😛

  24. lonely man…but full of bad thinks..

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