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Ever since my last trip to Penang, I already fell deeply in love with this state. Why? Because Piscean loves water (although I don’t know how to swim) and Penang island is surrounded by water! I’d really wanna hangout at the seaside after a tired working day. Imagine I can hangout in a bar near Straits Quay and do some people watching!

But if I wanna do that, I need to find a permanent place to stay there! From the last trip, I found that there are many new developments mushrooming all around Penang! As I’m not really familiar with the available properties around and the price range of Penang property, that’s where PropWall comes to the rescue!

PropWall - Penang

PropWall – Penang

PropWall is the largest FREE property resource website in Malaysia! I find it very unique compared to other property listing website in Malaysia because PropWall categorizes their property listings by the property’s name, making it more centralized and thus easier to get what you want.

Besides that, they also sub-categorize the properties by sale and rent so you will not get mixed matches. With a wide array of photos that can be uploaded by the users, you do not need to worry that what you see from the website will be different from reality.

If you’re looking for property, I’d recommend this site to you too! They not only have Penang properties, but also Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan; just to name a few.

Update: PropWall is now a part of StarProperty

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  1. Huai Bin

    April 27

    Huh…what a coincidence, I'm looking to buy a condo in November. 🙂

  2. hmm nice site to search for property :3

  3. Eunice

    May 10

    i already rent a room…;P

  4. Katrina Tong

    September 26

    Thanks, I was searching for property site and stumbled upon your blog recommending this site. Nice, sweet and short review. I'll check out your blog on your other articles as well 🙂

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