Pineapple Fruitti Spa @ Cres Wellness, The Gardens Mall


It’s the end of the week again! Work is piling up and I’m feeling so stressed. My backache has gotten more serious too probably due to incorrect sitting posture. Luckily enough, I’ve made an appointment for CRES Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa. Being an existing CRES customer, I can assure you that their service is among the best from all the wellness centres I’ve been to.

Pineapple Fruitti Spa @ Cres Wellness, The Gardens Mall 1
We’re at Cres!
Pineapple Fruitti Spa @ Cres Wellness, The Gardens Mall 2
Product display for you to browse around

The beauty consultant recognizes me as soon as I entered and greeted me warmly (although I’ve been MIA for quite some time). How personal! πŸ™‚

Pineapple Fruitti Spa @ Cres Wellness, The Gardens Mall 3
Comfy sofa to wait for your turn

I was led by the masseuse to deposit my belongings such as necklace, watch, etc. What caught my eyes was the beautiful handmade pearl keychains! I felt like making myself one when I’m home ^_^

Pineapple Fruitti Spa @ Cres Wellness, The Gardens Mall 4
Cute pearl keychains πŸ˜€

Pineapple Fruitti Spa @ Cres Wellness, The Gardens Mall 5
Let’s go massage!

In the massage room, I was given a choice of either Rose or Pineapple Fruitti Spa. The masseuse explained that Rose Fruitti Spa is to eliminate water retention while Pineapple Fruitti Spa is to whiten our skin. I chose Pineapple Fruitti Spa since I prefer my skin to look whiter.

The treatment started with an Anti Stress Back Massage with aromatic essential oil. Breathe deep into the scent of essential oil and I felt calmed immediately. Feeling like dozing off when the masseuse repeatedly massage the same place as my muscles are relaxing. It also improves blood circulation and detoxify through activating lymph nodes. After that, my whole body was slathered with Fruitti Yoghurt Masque rich in natural fruit extract followed by Fruitti Scrub to remove dead skin cells from my body so that my skin can absorb vitamin and moisture better. If you have wounds on your body, don’t forget to inform the masseuse because the sea salt from scrub will make it feel painful!

Next, I was wrapped up in a thermal blanket that infuses heat. By stimulating the lymphatic nodes and increase blood circulation, essence and nutrients can be easily infiltered into the epidermis layer. I was thankful that the heat was just right, not too hot like my previous experience in slimming centres where I almost fainted.

Pineapple Fruitti Spa @ Cres Wellness, The Gardens Mall 6
Massage bed

While waiting for the Thermal Blanket Heat Infusion to be done, the masseuse went to prepare the Fruitti Bubble Bath for me. This bubble bath contains all the goodness of fruits moisture, almond and lactic acid, effective in combating skin irritation, eczema and acne problems.

Pineapple Fruitti Spa @ Cres Wellness, The Gardens Mall 7
Fuh bubble bath! It’s play time!

Pineapple Fruitti Spa @ Cres Wellness, The Gardens Mall 8
Can drink some tea and eat biscuit (yum kor cha, sik fai peng)

Wheee playing with bubbles and feeling my smooth and silky skin makes me happy! I had fun in there but the 20 minutes passed by really fast! πŸ™ *knock knock* I need to shower and get dressed already…

Pineapple Fruitti Spa @ Cres Wellness, The Gardens Mall 9
Silky and smooth <3 it!

My elbow looks smoother and more radiant after the treatment!

Pineapple Fruitti Spa @ Cres Wellness, The Gardens Mall 10
After spa elbow

If you’re tempted to try this spa treatment, here’s a special offer for all my readers (YAY!). You can get 1st Trial Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa @ RM78 (NP: RM300) and FREE 2pcs of RM20 Product Voucher by commenting on this FB post. Hurry up cos it’s limited to first 50 people only!

Cres Wellness
Lot FF-225, 4th Floor
The Gardens, Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-2287 6369

FB Page:

Business hours: Mon-Sun 10am – 8pm

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  1. they're doing lots of promotion lately eh πŸ™‚

    Latest: Chinese Pastry

    • Yeah! For the sake of customers la, you get to try it cheaper πŸ˜€

  2. Daniel Chiam

    March 11

    Just dropping by to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  3. whoa, i didnt know there's an elbow spa.. waa so smooth! hehe

    Latest: The Emperor Restaurant Grand Dorsett Subang Dim Sum Buffet

  4. I want! But then.. is it only available at Gardens outlet?

    • It's available at all Cres Wellness branches πŸ˜€

  5. Pweeeeetttt!!! Your leg kah? Sexy! LOL!!! They use pineapple products or what on your skin? Later come out smelling like jam tart. Muahahahahaha!!!!

    • Yeah Pineapple Masque and Scrub lor πŸ˜€
      Must rinse water ger la lol!!

  6. pampering is always good. quite a good deal at that price:P

  7. Kian Fai Koh

    March 12

    why la take your drumstick photo πŸ˜›

  8. Hey, just discovered we've something in common! I love spa too. It's a weekly affair for me & I'm also addicted to massages. Heehee! Charmaine, thks so much for your vote!

  9. [SK]

    March 12

    very relaxing environment, sure a pampering experience for you.. and you are seducing us with your sexy silky smooth leg!! wow~~ :p

  10. If I only look at your 2nd to last picture, I would have thought you were a porn star :')

    • Hahaha! Last time old HK movie also got this kind of scene XD

  11. Isabel

    March 14

    I tried one of their treatments and it was awesome! Instant face lift man

  12. it looks like a relaxing time and I love that atmosphere!

  13. Merryn

    March 15

    LoL at KhengSiong's porn star comment!

    Looks really inviting and relaxing.. i need a spa now -.-

    • Yer so jahat la u hahaha!
      Let's go spa!!!!!!!!! Friday is coming soon XD

  14. sexy legs FTW and i wish i have your elbows~ πŸ˜€
    didn't know Cres was that big and spacious!

    • Haha must take good care of your skin πŸ˜€
      Go get the trial price la!

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