Next Day Flyers: Get your brochures FAST!

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nextdayflyers | Next Day Flyers: Get your brochures FAST!
Last week, my friend who is doing F&B business told me that she forgot to print some really important brochures. Normally it wouldn’t be a big problem because she can send it to the nearest printing shop to get it done. BUT the problem now is, she needs it within 3 days for her shop’s grand opening! Most of the shops rejected her because they said that they couldn’t process it in such a short time!

So she consulted me on where to get fast, affordable and cheap brochure printing service. Coincidentally I found this website that offers printing services called Next Day Flyers few days ago. They had a Next Day Printing Promise whereby they will print and ship out the brochures next business day if it has been completed and approved by 6 PM PST without compromising the printing quality so I figured this service would be perfect for her current situation.

As a software developer, I’ve checked out their system too and find it really user friendly. Just a few simple clicks needed to select type of brochures, order quantity and other printing details. A price calculator at the right hand side will populate the cost as you customize your requirements. Never need to worry about hidden charges again!

| Next Day Flyers: Get your brochures FAST!
Next Day Flyers

So, fingers crossed that everything will go smooth for her! Ciaoz!

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  1. It’s Me says:

    errr….within 3 days cannot do printing meh? my company always do it 1 day before ger wor…

    1. Charmaine says:

      I asked 2 shops also can't wor. Not sure why also. I print name card also need 5 days but my friend said his place only one day 🙁

  2. Huai Bin says:

    Hey, do they do business cards? I wanted to get next day but couldn't so I didn't have any when I needed them. I'll love to check them out if they do business cards. 😀

    1. Charmaine says:

      Yes, they print a wide range of stuff like business cards, flyers, brochures, postcards, calendars and more!

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