Ways to Protect Yourself from Acid Splasher

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acid splasher | Ways to Protect Yourself from Acid Splasher

Today police have released a photofit of the corrosive liquid splasher a.k.a. acid splasher but is yet to be caught.

Acid Splasher
Acid Splasher

Before he is caught, I believe everyone especially women will not be able to go out in peace. Here is a list of things you can do to protect yourself.

  1. Do not walk on main road. Main road is the most dangerous place to walk because the motorcyclist can fled easily. Walk on smaller routes instead. Criminals are afraid that they will get trapped in small roads. But make sure the road you’re taking is not quiet and deserted. It doesn’t matter whether you’re facing the traffic or not. If you walk against the traffic, your face will be splashed by acid but you can see it coming. If you walk facing the traffic, your back will be splashed by acid but you won’t see it coming. That’s why it doesn’t matter.
  2. Wear more clothes. Wear long sleeve shirts to protect your arms. If you want to protect your face, better cover it with Arabian tudung or wear a helmet like the criminal.
  3. Wear sunglass. Our eyes are the most important asset. Would be perfect if you pair it with Arabian tudung. Your face will be fully protected.
  4. Open your umbrella. No matter rain or shine, just open your umbrella. Don’t wait until being attacked then only you struggle to open your umbrella. You will be too panic by then and before you blink your eyes, you have been splashed already.
  5. Bring some books/file. If you hate using an umbrella, I suggest you bring some books/magazine/files (at least A4 size) so that you can at least cover your face if you’re being attacked.
  6. Do not wind down your car window. Keep it closed at all times! With car windows winded down, you stand a higher chance of being robbed too! And also, close your door as soon as you entered your car.
  7. Avoid from going out. I know this sounds insane. But with today’s crime rate, I certainly urge that we citizens should go out as less as possible.

Anyone have more suggestions? Feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll add it into the list ok? Be safe my dear readers! Please share this post out to your friends and family. It could save someone.


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