Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set 3D [Review]

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tallpiscesgirl X Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set 3D

I’m quite shocked to know the fact that only 20% of visible skin aging is caused by natural aging process. What?! This means 80% of it is due to other factors like free radicals caused by UV rays, car exhaust, pollution, smog, diet, smoking, stress, and lack of sleep. Constant exposure of all these can speed up aging process, causing premature skin aging. But how can we avoid this? We can’t stay at home all the time, right? That’s very true! Realizing this, Mary Kay has spent years of research on the latest ingredient innovations and knowledge on skin aging.

5 Reasons Why I Love Mary Kay Gel Semi Shine Lipstick

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Mary Kay

Lipstick is one of the most essential makeup products in a girl’s life. How can we live without lipstick when it can instantly brighten up your overall look and add color to a dull appearance? For me, I have a few requirements when looking for the perfect lipstick. Apart from being pigmented, it has to be long-lasting so I don’t need to keep touching up when I have back-to-back events. I also appreciate lipsticks that won’t leave my lips looking dry in photos because to be honest, it doesn’t look kissable. If these are also what you’ve been looking for, Mary Kay Gel Semi Shine Lipstick is perfect for you.

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