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Coca-Cola Stevia with 35% Less Sugar Available at 7 Eleven

19 February 2018
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Coca-Cola Malaysia has introduced Coca-Cola Stevia that promises the same great taste you would expect from Coca-Cola Classic but with 35% less sugar, achieved by using a combination of sugar and the natural sweetness of Stevia.

Coca-Cola Stevia is currently available at 7 Eleven outlets nationwide. From March 2018 onwards, it will be available nationwide in all major retailers.

Share a Coca-Cola for a Positive Year!

19 January 2016

Countdown to Chinese New Year now and the clock is ticking fast. Have you guys prepared for visitation gifts yet? Don’t neglect the tradition of gift exchange and just give red packet ya. Gifts can express your sincerity in a better way.

Limited Edition Coca-Cola Chinese New Year Cans

Limited Edition Coca-Cola Chinese New Year Cans

I’ve just done buying gifts last weekend and all the gifts I’ve prepared is going to include these Coca-Cola Chinese New Year Cans of course! I find that the well-wishes on the cans very meaningful and adds a special touch to it as if they’re conveying my greetings to them.

Auspicious Cheer with Coca-Cola Chinese New Year Cans

7 January 2016

Chinese New Year is gonna be early this year! With exactly a month to go until Chinese New Year, it’s the time of the year where I’ll shop for gifts for house visitations.

When everyone has a hectic schedule, it is so rare to be able to gather with friends, families and business partners. That’s why I wanted to select the best gifts that symbolize my sincere wish to them for an auspicious and smooth sailing year ahead especially during the trying times in this economy condition.

In conjunction of the Red Fire Monkey year, Coca-Cola has released fiery hot designed cans that are full of auspicious symbols and well-wishes, perfect for conveying auspicious greetings to usher in the new year with.

Share a Coca-Cola with your loved ones

Share a Coca-Cola with your loved ones