Coca-Cola Stevia with 35% Less Sugar Available at 7 Eleven

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Coca-Cola Stevia Malaysia
Coca-Cola Malaysia has introduced Coca-Cola Stevia that promises the same great taste you would expect from Coca-Cola Classic but with 35% less sugar, achieved by using a combination of sugar and the natural sweetness of Stevia. Coca-Cola Stevia is currently available at 7 Eleven outlets nationwide. From March 2018 onwards, it will be available nationwide in all major retailers. “We are continually listening to the people who love our brands and beverages, and looking for ways to anticipate and satisfy their desires and needs. In Malaysia, we know that consumers are increasingly concerned about sugar, and they want greater control and choice. Some consumers enjoy the taste of our beverages but would like to reduce their sugar and calorie intake,” said Ahmed Yehia, Country Manager for Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei, The Coca-Cola Company. Stevia, a no-calorie sweetener, is derived from the leaf of the Stevia plant. The Stevia plant is from the chrysanthemum family and its leaf is a unique source of intense, natural sweetness.
Coca-Cola Stevia Available in 7 Eleven across Malaysia
Coca-Cola Stevia Available in 7 Eleven across Malaysia
With the addition of Coca-Cola Stevia to the Coca-Cola family in Malaysia, there is now a Coca-Cola for everyone.
  • Coca-Cola Classic ™ is the world’s most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history with the same great Coca-Cola taste since 1886.
  • Coca-Cola Stevia is for people looking for a great tasting Coke but with less sugar and sweetened from natural sources.
  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar has the same great Coca-Cola taste with zero sugar and zero calories.
  • Coca-Cola Light is a sugar-free and calorie-free variant with a deliciously crisp taste.
  • Coke Vanilla delivers the great same great Coca-Cola taste with a Vanilla twist.
Now that the options are wider, and we can better choose whichever Coca-Cola that suits our taste, lifestyle and diet – with or without sugar, with or without calories. Pick up a bottle of Coca-Cola Stevia at your nearest 7-11 to enjoy a great-tasting soft drink that is lower in sugar and sweetened from natural sources today!


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