Tang Zai Beancurd Desserts 糖仔 @ Singapore

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During my recent trip to Singapore, Bie and I stayed in a hotel at Bugis area. When we were at Bugis Downtown MRT station, Sun Sun said she wanna intro us this tau fu fa (beancurd jelly/豆腐花) that she always crave for. And of course we agreed to it! Trying what the locals eat is always better than eating touristy food.


糖仔 (Tang Zai)

Sun Sun said the brand she bought normally is called 老伴 but this stall here at Bugis Downtown MRT station is called 糖仔 (Tang Zai). They claimed that it’s the same though but we still felt skeptical. After all, why would a famous brand change their name to confuse their loyal fans, right?