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Pilates Reformer & 3R Body Contouring Therapy @ Phillip Wain, Starhill Gallery

2 December 2016
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Work is always stressful and tiring. Due to this, our health will deteriorate and will feel demotivated to move on. Hence, I always try to spend some time off no matter how busy for some me time. It’s important to recharge to get ready to fight again.

Kelly Chin x Charmaine Pua @ Phillip Wain Malaysia

Kelly Chin x Charmaine Pua @ Phillip Wain Malaysia

Pilates Reformer @ Phillip Wain

For me time, everyone will think of spa or massage. Do you know that exercise is important too? I’m glad to join the newly launched Phillip Wain Pilates Reformer session with my girl friend, Kelly Chin. This is something new for us as both of us have never tried doing Pilates using reformer machine.

Review: Full Body Massage & Huo Long (Fire Dragon) Treatment @ Body Revolution

5 April 2012

Hey guys! Remember my post on Foot Reflexology last week? That’s not all! The climax is during body treatment! My body was set on fire!!!!

Huo Long (Fire Dragon) Treatment - Read til the end to see how I survived this!

Read til the end to see how I survived this!

The masseuse started with a 60 mins Full Body Massage Treatment. It feels so comfortable and relaxing I almost dozed off. Very often, we became so busy and involved in things around us and forget that we need some time out to pamper ourselves. After this treatment, I complemented it with Traditional Tibetan Huo Long Treatment.

Review: Foot Reflexology @ Body Revolution, Sunway Lagoon Club

30 March 2012

A LOT has happened last Monday. I witnessed the passenger seat window of the car behind me got smashed and something (I assume it’s bag) got snatched! A police car was just few cars in front but they did not realize what’s happening. Not forgetting that a police station is along that road too! My hands were trembling as I texted about it. It feels so insecure to be outside these days.

After rushing to buy stock and sent out to my customer, I went to Sunway Pyramid to collect my birthday gift from L’occitane and also hunted for Hello Kitty glasses. I walked so fast it almost felt like skating hahaha! My legs felt so wobbly after all that fast paced walking so I went to this health spa called Body Revolution at Sunway Lagoon Club for a foot reflexology session.

Body Revolution @ Sunway Lagoon Club

Body Revolution @ Sunway Lagoon Club