Review: Full Body Massage & Huo Long (Fire Dragon) Treatment @ Body Revolution

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IMAG14311 | Review: Full Body Massage & Huo Long (Fire Dragon) Treatment @ Body Revolution
Hey guys! Remember my post on Foot Reflexology last week? That’s not all! The climax is during body treatment! My body was set on fire!!!!
Huo Long (Fire Dragon) Treatment - Read til the end to see how I survived this!
Read til the end to see how I survived this!
The masseuse started with a 60 mins Full Body Massage Treatment. It feels so comfortable and relaxing I almost dozed off. Very often, we became so busy and involved in things around us and forget that we need some time out to pamper ourselves. After this treatment, I complemented it with Traditional Tibetan Huo Long Treatment.
Lay down here already! :p
Lay down here already! :p
Price: 45 mins – RM 49/60 mins – RM 60/90 mins – RM 87/120 mins – RM 110 Traditional Tibetan Huo Long Treatment is a health treatment method which has miraculously helped many people in promoting body immunity functions, regulates body secretion and balances the YIN and YANG of the body. Combining both traditional health remedies, beauty secrets and produced using authentic Tibetan knowledge and modern science technology, it enhances blood circulation and promotes the health of body organs such as the stomach, liver and heart. Besides, it also soothes coughs, asthma symptoms, rheumatism, arthritis, shoulder aches and enhances sexual functions with new zest and energy. Frequent massage can help to improve blood circulation for better health and sleep. This is Body Revolution’s signature treatment as it is not easy to find in health spas elsewhere. Definitely worth it! The masseuse put some strings that has been soaked with Tibetan herbs onto my back. She then covered my back with towel and squeezed some flammable liquid on it. She lighted up the lighter and put it towards the towel and it started flaming!!! Burning sensation FTW! Don’t worry, it’s not painful 🙂 She then put a wet towel onto my body to put off the fire. She repeated this for almost 10 times! I really appreciate her hard work. She must ensure that the herbs were absorbed into my body. The treatment started with my back:
Huo Long (Fire Dragon) Treatment - My back (Suddenly realized my back is so long LOL!)
Huo Long (Fire Dragon) Treatment – My back (Suddenly realized my back is so long LOL!)
Then my stomach!
Putting strings that has been soaked with Tibetan herbs onto my stomach
Putting strings that has been soaked with Tibetan herbs onto my stomach
Price: RM 129 for 45 minutes If you have earache, headache, ear noise, stress and nervousness, do try Ear Candling treatment. A candle is placed gently into opening of the ear canal and lit. When the warm smoke travels through the candle, the soothing feeling brings wonderful relaxation. I heard that the wordings in this vase are bliss (?) words written in 100 different ways. I’m actually a banana so I’m not quite sure how true is it :p But I’m dedicating it to all of you who are reading this 🙂 ? Address: Body Revolution Sdn. Bhd. Sunway Lagoon Club, No. 3, Jalan Lagoon Timur, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Tel: 03-56315229 Business hours: Mon – Sun: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm Map: Do follow me via Twitter (@pualiping) and like my Facebook page to get latest blog updates first hand!


  1. Tekkaus says:

    Wow…you actually…burn yourself…literally…

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Hahaha I was being burned!
      I didn't burn myself XD

  2. Huai Bin says:

    The huo long treatment sounds like a lot of fun. It's interesting and different.

    In fact, most of the things you mentioned is something I haven't tried before. Tibetan rope! Who would have thought of that. It sounds super interesting. 🙂

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Yes it is! Despite being a little pricey, I still think it's super worth! 😀

  3. Kian Fai Koh says:

    Fire Dragon? U must be kidding XD such name existed lol

    anyways must be dam syok okays hahah

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Haha it's true! Try Google it 😀
      Yeah damn syok!!!

  4. suituapui says:

    Any male masseurs? I prefer male – they're stronger…more effective.

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Yeah got! You need to request for it 🙂

  5. Edi神 says:

    For men too?

    nice… too bad I have no $$$

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Ya men also can 🙂
      Aiyoh so cheap nia, I'm sure you can afford it 😉

  6. Simple Person says:

    wow . they really come out a lot of massage varities…
    foot massage also kill me ady .. lol …

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Kill you? Why?
      It should be relaxing!

  7. Smitten ByFood says:

    COOL STUFF~~~ How do you feel after that? Does your stomach feels better?

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Feels hungry right away!
      Cos it helps indigestion problems too XD

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      The concept is just like hot stone massage.
      Go Google it up 🙂

  8. Blackswan says:

    Charmaine, u're getting a lot of treats these days huh? Love this unique treatment!

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Teehee… Thanks to my friend for this opportunity 🙂

  9. Camy says:

    looks painful! ouch

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      I was a bit skeptical at first cos I was scared too but luckily it's not painful at all 😉

  10. HenRy LeE says:

    i always wanted to try the ear candling treatment… the huo long fire seems freaky tho! 😛

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Teehee yeah it sounds scary, I was shocked when I saw the video :p

  11. missyblurkit says:

    i've not tried this fire thingy…i really must give it a try. i can inmagine the soothing feeling it does for the back especially a sore back.

    never a fan of ear candling coz the one's i have had were always ticklish. the once and only one i love thus far is the one i had at Jojoba. Great coz they massaged my ears and neck during the candling session. Probably that took my mind of the ticklish sounds.

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Yee it's ticklish? I hate ticklish feeling too.
      But this Huo Long is really awesome! You should really try it 😀

  12. bendan says:

    Ahhhh~ now u smell like a roasted pork! =O
    Hahaha, just kidding. Pain or not one? LOLz, looks interesting leh. Feels like trying but nola, no money for spending now. ='p

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Hahaha I'm not pork >.<
      Not pain at all la just warm feeling

  13. Anne Lee says:

    that fire thing really got me terrify a lil. but that's a good try, at least it dont feel pain.

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      It's a new experience for me 🙂

  14. Henry Tan says:

    omggggg! totally good experience lo! if got chance i wanna try too! but hope not expensive! =S

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Hehe I already stated the price in my post ma :p

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