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In the hustle and bustle of urban Kuala Lumpur, our weekdays are like a race against time, filled with hectic work and looming deadlines. But fear not! We’ve found the ultimate remedy to unwind and forget our worries: Nobu KL’s brand-new venture – the fabulous “Tanoshi Hour”! Taking inspiration from Japan’s “Pleasant Hour” concept, this delightful tradition has spread its wings to selected Nobu spots around the globe, including Malaysia. Prepare to enter a haven of relaxation and indulge in heavenly drinks that will uplift your spirit and make your senses dance with joy.

Nobu KL Tanoshi Hour Delights

Starting from 3rd July and running until the end of the year from 6pm to 8pm, guests will be delighted to find that each drink on the Tanoshi Hour menu will be priced at irresistible discounts ranging up to 50% off. You’re in luck because Tanoshi Hour is here for you every day, even on weekends, throughout the wonderful month of July, so you can savor the incredible offerings whenever it suits you best. However, this exclusive promotion will be available only on weekdays from August onwards, ensuring that hardworking professionals can relax and revel in well-deserved leisure.

Getting my cocktail during Nobu KL Tanoshi Hour from the bar
Getting my cocktail during Nobu KL Tanoshi Hour from the bar

“I am thrilled to witness the commencement of our Tanoshi Hour promotion at Nobu KL. While our establishment is globally renowned for its world-class Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, it is time we shine some light on our exquisite bar selection as well! Our Nobu Sake is something we are especially proud of; a drink you cannot find anywhere else in the country besides the luxurious four walls of Nobu. Tanoshi Hour not only promises a fun-filled time for our customers, but it also brings an added vibrancy to our guests’ dining experience,” said Angga Wardoyo, Bar Manager of Nobu Kuala Lumpur.

With over 20 choices available, the Tanoshi Hour menu includes a selection of beers, wines, specialty cocktails, non-alcoholic mocktails, and the crown jewel of the menu – Nobu’s very own Sake.

The Exquisite Nobu Sake

Nobu Sake, a cherished hallmark of the establishment, holds a position of distinction among the drink selections during Tanoshi Hour. From the gently spiced notes and light-bodied character of Hokusetsu Hojonzo Onigoroshi Sake to the delicate creaminess showcased in Hokusetsu Daiginjo TK40 Sake, each brew is meticulously crafted to offer profound flavour profiles that are truly one-of-a-kind. Elegantly paired with a signature Nobu-style meal or enjoyed casually over a friendly conversation, there is nothing quite like the rich and alluring flavors of Nobu Sake.

Nobu The Premium Sake TK40
Nobu The Premium Sake TK40

“We are delighted to introduce Nobu KL’s brand new Tanoshi Hour to our valued guests! With this new offering, we aim to create an extraordinary atmosphere where our guests can unwind and savor the artistry of our world-class beverages, including our exceptional Nobu Sake. We invite all the weekday warriors to join us at Nobu KL for a drink. We are sure you will not regret it,” said Alexander Tito, General Manager of Nobu Kuala Lumpur.

Nobu Sake - Hokusetsu Hojonzo Onigoroshi 'Devil Killer'
Nobu Sake – Hokusetsu Hojonzo Onigoroshi ‘Devil Killer’

Whether you’re looking to celebrate a successful workday or simply seeking a moment of tranquility, seek no further; Tanoshi Hour at Nobu KL promises to be an oasis of fun, a realm of relaxed luxury, and a journey of pure delight.

L-R: Pepino (Mocktail), Calamansi Shiso (Mocktail), Calamansi Shiso Mule (Cocktail)
L-R: Pepino (Mocktail), Calamansi Shiso (Mocktail), Calamansi Shiso Mule (Cocktail)

All prices quoted in the virtual and physical Tanoshi Hour menu are in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and are subject to 10% Service Charge and 6% SST.

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