5 Cringe Behaviors to Avoid When Trying to Impress Your Date

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Cringe Behaviors to Avoid When Trying to Impress Your Date

The word “cringe,” which is popular among those in the millennial and Gen Z demographics, pertains to the reaction that someone might have when things get awkward or embarrassing. To the chagrin of many singles who simply want to make good impressions on other people, lots of “cringey” moments can happen on dates. In an effort to stand out, seem more interesting, or get the attention of their companions, some people may get carried away and commit some manner of social faux pas that will turn their dates off for good.

If you’ve recently asked someone out, gotten set up by a personal contact or a matchmaking service, or secured a date from a trusted dating app Malaysia singles like to use, how can you make sure that the experience goes without a hitch? You can start by avoiding these five cringe-worthy behaviors.

Cringe Behaviors to Avoid

Being Boastful

It may be instinctive for you to want to say good things about yourself in front of a date, especially if it’s your first time meeting them. But if you don’t know how to dial it down, your date may soon form an unfavorable first impression of you as a self-centered braggart—which is quite cringey indeed.

Cringe Behaviors to Avoid When Trying to Impress Your Date - Being Boastful
Cringe Behaviors to Avoid When Trying to Impress Your Date – Being Boastful

When on a date, remember that it’s always better to be truthful but modest about issues like your education, your finances, and your personal achievements. If it seems like you’ve gone on and on about these for several minutes without much engagement from your date, change tack and switch topics. Find a subject that you two can talk about with an equal amount of interest, give your date ample opportunities to share things about themselves, and be careful not to dominate the conversation.

Checking Other People Out

Another social faux pas that unfortunately happens quite often on dates is when one companion indulges their wandering eye. While there are lots of attractive people in the world, a date is not the right occasion to ogle.

If you want to avoid being seen as cringe-worthy by your date, make it a point to train your eyes on them for the entirety of your time together. Even if things seem a little awkward at first, and even if your conversation doesn’t flow smoothly one hundred percent of the time, your date is more likely to go well if you both feel as if you have each other’s undivided attention.

Teasing Your Date Non-Stop

Some of the biggest cringe moments on dates happen when one person pays too little attention to the other. But the opposite can also be true, and one example is when someone teases their companion in an attempt to flatter them or show off a sense of humor. If you try to joke about your date’s looks, fashion sense, spending habits, or other issues that hit close to home, there’s a huge chance that your date will go south.

Just like with your friends or family members, teasing or saying overly familiar remarks are best avoided until you and your date know each other well enough. In some cases, like with people who don’t take well to barbs or being put on the spot, teasing should be avoided altogether. For your first few dates, be sure to play it safe and to avoid making your date feel uncomfortable—or worse, like they’re being insulted.

Drinking Too Much

You and your date may agree to go to an establishment that serves alcohol, but remember that this is not the best occasion for you to let loose and get drunk. In the worst-case scenario, drinking too much while on a date may cause you to say or do something that you’ll regret later when you’re sober. You may also end up imposing on your date and making them clean up after you, which won’t leave them with the best impression of your character.

Remember not to drink too much
Remember not to drink too much

Well before the date begins, decide how many drinks you’ll have before you call it a night. Make it a point not to go beyond your personal limit, and encourage your date to take the same approach. That will ensure that you have a fun time together without any cringey or untoward incidents.

Being Stingy or Passive-Aggressive about the Bill

Last but definitely not least, be sure to avoid cringe-worthy disagreements about how much the two of you will be spending for your date. Few things are as embarrassing as feeling pressured about how much (or rather, how little) to order at a restaurant or like your expenses for your date will be taken against you.

Consider talking to your companion in advance about setting a price point for your date, and decide on whether it will be someone’s treat or whether you will “do Dutch” and pay for your own expenses. Though it may initially seem strange to talk about money before a first date, it may be the more practical thing for the two of you to do. It’s also one of the surest ways to enjoy a date that conforms to both of your expectations.

For your upcoming date, let your politeness, consideration, and natural charm shine through. This approach will definitely help you steer clear of cringey moments and make the date a memorable one in the best possible ways.


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